5/9 NOOK Daily Find: Aftershock

May 9, 2014:  Today’s NOOK Daily Find offer is AFTERSHOCK by Andrew Vachss — a dark page-turner of a thriller for just $1.99.


The idyllic facade of a small coastal tourist magnet hides its secrets well. But when the shining star pitcher of the girls’ softball team guns down the most popular boy in school, the shock waves reverberate far beyond the school’s walls. In the wake of the killing, two of the town’s newer residents turn over deeply embedded rocks, exposing a subculture of almost unimaginable horror lurking beneath.

This special price is valid for today only – stay tuned for tomorrow’s NOOK Daily Find.

  • Grace Warde

    Why is Disqus working perfectly on this page and not on the 5/9 Free Friday page?

    • Scott Cameron

      I wish I knew! I made my first comment on that posting and now it does not load the comments.

    • Utopar

      Likely they have too many complaints and are now blocking them.