6/6 BONUS Free Friday Book: The Lost Island

June 6, 2014: Today’s BONUS Free Friday  selection is a special preview (the first 11 chapters) of THE LOST ISLAND — a thrilling Gideon Crew novel from Douglas Preston and Lincoln Child. Happy Friday, and happy reading!


Gideon Crew — brilliant scientist, master thief — is living on borrowed time. When his mysterious employer, Eli Glinn, gives him an eyebrow-raising mission, he has no reason to refuse. Gideon’s task: steal a page from the priceless Book of Kells, now on display in New York City and protected by unbreakable security.

Accomplishing the impossible, Gideon steals the parchment — only to learn that hidden beneath the gorgeously illuminated image is a treasure map dating back to the time of the ancient Greeks. As they ponder the strange map, they realize that the treasure it leads to is no ordinary fortune. It is something far more precious: an amazing discovery that could perhaps even save Gideon’s life.

Together with his new partner, Amy, Gideon follows a trail of cryptic clues to an unknown island in a remote corner of the Caribbean Sea. There, off the hostile and desolate Mosquito Coast, the pair realize the extraordinary treasure they are hunting conceals an even greater shock-a revelation so profound that it may benefit the entire human race… if Gideon and Amy can survive.

  • Jeremy Morgan

    Well that is misleading. Not so much a bonus book as a bonus preview….

  • JoAnne McMaster

    It’s not really a Free Friday book if it’s not a complete book, is it?

  • Kristin Schelin Davis

    Boo! This is not a free book! I look forward to the free books every week. I like to expand my literary files, not be scammed into a marketing ploy.

  • Mindy Rohrig

    worthless if free is half a book

  • Nancy Olson

    if you give the readers the whole first book in a new series you have good odds they will finish the series thus making you money. if you give a sample and misleadingly try to label it as a free book you make people thnk barnes and noble is unethical. is this really the image you want to portray.

  • Rachel Bretton

    This is the third book of the series. I must say I was very surprised to see it free. Now that I read the comments and realize its only a preview, it all makes sense. A preview doesn’t constitute as a free book.

  • Irene

    Not a free book, sorry. Free books make me buy more from the author. Sad…., BnN. You know better.

  • DS Masson

    Stop the deception, and false advertising, you forget your target audience knows how to read!

  • dana

    Not quite a free book, that stinks!!!!!

  • Dana

    What a disappointment! A partial book? I spend quite a bit of money on full-price Nook books so look forward to my “end of week bonus”. I hope B&N reconsiders this cheapo marketing ploy in the future. Too bad for the author – it looks like a good series but I won’t purchase it now.

  • Scott Cameron

    A preview of a book is NOT a book.

    You’d think that a bookseller would be familiar with the difference.

  • Sue Smith

    It has become clear to me that bn doesn’t care about their readers. It is harder and harder to find the free selection for fridays and now it is not a whole book. Your daily find price is quite often the regular price on the kindle and quite often on selections kindle beats the nook price. Thanks for sending me to my kindle!

  • TrinityFL7

    Please note this is the bonus not the main free Friday book which is the intercept by Dick Wolfe

  • Melody Lema

    This is so Uncool! This isn’t a free book, it is a sale pitch. I can always ask for a sample if I wanted to judge if it was worth purchasing. This is tricky, and so benearh B&N.

  • bookzfan

    Oh, people…. This is a BONUS, in addition to the regular Free Friday offering, the thriller INTERCEPT, by Dick Wolf. I know we all can read. Can we read more *carefully* and not bite the hand that feeds us? Be gracious, just as B&N is. It’s a rare thing to get anything for FREE w/ no strings attached. See link for FF & Spec’s weekly list.

  • Tina

    I was nearly disappointed till I read it was just a preview. I missed checking on this weeks book.

  • Richard Hartman

    @bookfan — bonus or not, they listed it as a free _book_, not free sample chapters.

  • M Dunford

    If it is not a complete book then it should be called a preview. Not a Free Friday.

  • David Graham

    You know 52 free books a year that’s a pretty good deal. If you don’t like this weeks deal you can always wait till next week or go to the library. Give BN a break they don’t have to give us any free books!!!!