7/4 BONUS Free Friday: Falling For Her Fiance

July 4, 2014: Today’s BONUS Free Friday is FALLING FOR HER FIANCE — find out what happens when best friends scheme a plan pretending to be engaged.  Happy Friday, and happy reading!


What’s a little fake engagement between best friends?

Danielle and Wes have been best friends since college, so when Wes needs a date for his sister’s wedding and Dani needs a partner for her company’s retreat, they devise the perfect plan: a fake engagement to get through both events unscathed. Adrenaline-junkie Wes can prove to both his ex and his family that he’s well and truly moved on, and serious-minded Dani can prove to her boss that she’s worthy of the promotion he seems to only want to give to a family-oriented employee.

But amid the fake swoons, fake kisses, and forced proximity, neither expects the very real feelings that develop. There’s nothing more dangerous than falling for your best friend…but what if the landing is worth the fall?

  • mikesmartha

    Thanks Amanda :) but….Anyone else having problems getting todays FFs? Will take me to the page, then I get error messages when I try to download?

    • https://www.facebook.com/takealookfreenookbooks Hannah Blessing

      Have you tried cleaning your browser’s cache? Sometimes that helps!

    • Dale

      I had difficulty too. I typed barnesandnoble.com and then searched free Friday instead of using my favorites and it came right up. I hope that helps.

  • Penelope Snopes

    Thanks for the book, sounds like romantic fireworks!

  • Stephanie Olson

    How do I Get the free book? I don’t see a download or any thing just the book discription?

  • https://www.facebook.com/nookreview Hannah Blessing

    Thank you for the free book! I love it when best friends fall in love.

  • Ruff16965

    Not complaining. Is it the holiday or am I looking in the wrong place. Seems to be just the free book today. no game, app or video and no free books in the discussion.

    Everyone have a safe and happy 4th.

  • Jenn

    Is the book coming up not free for anyone one else. It says its $3.99.

    • Pam

      It appears your post was done on July 11. The free Friday books are only free for the day posted – Falling for her Fiance was only free on July 4

      • lynda

        I do not see the book for today July 11? Was it posted?

        • Pam

          Yes – on Fridays, go to the search window and under Nook books type in free Friday book for today

          • Pam

            It will take you to the page listing the current and past free Friday books. You’ll only be able to download the current date book and only on Friday! :)

  • Joan O’Dell

    Did I miss the book for 07/11? I can’t find it anywhere on the blog.