App Buzz: Strategy Game Lovers, Rejoice!

I love games that challenge the brain: chess, Risk, Go – there’s nothing quite like winning a game that’s a real head-scratcher and that requires a mixture of logic and cleverness to beat. So when I heard about Mijnlieff (pronounced “mine-leaf”), a classic Nordic strategy game, I was intrigued – and now you can play it on your NOOK!


Mijnlieff Deluxe by Astraware is a game app that’s both challenging and fun: you must move one of your eight pieces  that show two of four different symbols into a position on the board that will determine how your opponent plays their next piece – so it’s crucial to think several moves ahead. The aim is to form lines of 3 – but this is much harder than it sounds when your opponent is controlling your moves! Play against Facebook friends, challenge some feisty Viking opponents, or get matched to a mystery player!


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