BONUS Free Fridays Book: Wakulla Springs

March 21, 2014: Today’s special BONUS Free Fridays book selection is WAKULLA SPRINGS by Andy Duncan and Ellen Klages — a richly imagined sci-fi adventure about the secrets of a mysterious underwater locale.Wakulla Springs, in the deep jungle of the Florida panhandle, is the deepest submerged freshwater cave system in the world. In its unfathomable depths, a variety of curious creatures have left a record of their coming, of their struggle to survive, and of their eventual end. And that’s just the local human beings over the last seventy-five years. Then there are the prehistoric creatures… and, just maybe… something else.

Ranging from the late 1930s to the present day, WAKULLA SPRINGS is a tour de force of the human, the strange, and the miraculous.

  • Sandy

    Glad to see something that’s not romance or religious. Thanks!

    • alexegz30


  • Hannah Blessing

    Thank you! I always wonder what goes on underwater…

  • Alice Soefje

    Where is everyone?

    • JRB

      Alice, this is the Bonus listing. Everybody is at the other Free Friday listing — go figure.

  • Patchy

    It’s like a ghost town in here today. Weird.

    • JRB

      I just figured out that this is the BONUS Free Friday book and that the reason it’s so quiet is because there is another Free Friday book listed with comments.

      • Patchy

        D’oh! Good catch. Can’t believe I didn’t see that.

  • mexicandelight

    Thank you very much. I’m looking forward to reading it. It doesn’t seem to contain any mush or preaching

  • JRB

    The book looks good this week; thank you Barnes & Noble.
    I wonder if Spec is on vaca? I agree with Patchy, it’s very quiet What’s up?

  • Linda Thompson-Mills

    Not interested in Christian fiction or missile or gun/combat ANYTHING (peace, love, happiness, bare feet and all that…), but this sci fi book looks fascinating! I was very happy to add it to my (very long) reading list. I love caves, fantasy, jungles.. the whole idea sounds good to me!

  • Jennifer

    It would be nice to see more choices for young readers. I bought my daughter (age 12) a nook and there is hardly ever anything appropriate for her.

  • Beth Ann Denney

    Thank You!!! :-)

  • Paul Koning

    That was ok. But it certainly is not science fiction. It’s also quite short, just barely long enough to be called a novella.

  • Vanessa Ru2

    I am ready to give up on free Friday offerings. I enjoy discovering new (to me) authors, but I stopped reading romance novels years ago. I don’t care about fantasy/sci fi. I have no interest in kiddie or young adult…free fridays has abandoned my demographic–adult stories w/ a more challenging plot line. for readers who love those other genres, free Friday is a treasure trove When I bought my nook, I often found interesting books, but lately, not so great.

    • mcgold

      I agree with every word!

    • Ray Jackson

      You are missing something by not reading this. I would hardly call is sci if. In just 90 pages the authors take you throught 3 generations, treat you to live for black people in the south, and makes you meet and care about several people.
      Whoever decided this was science fiction was really reaching.