Deep Mots #5 + #6

PeterChalkStoryHave you ever wanted to express how you feel about books and reading, but just didn’t have the words?

Designer Peter Farago has created a unique set of digital images to help you do so with style.

Farago partnered with the NOOK team to develop these blackboard bon mots, he says, because “we wanted to have some fun, and to share with others the way we feel about our deep-seated love for literature.”

The series of six hand-crafted images – created exclusively for NOOK – were drawn “in chalk as if by some ancient hand, reminding us of what we all intuitively know about our own passions,” Farago  explains. “We chose to create them in chalk because the medium itself is so transient. Thoughts are like that – they are wonderfully ephemeral, meant to be pondered for a brief while and then – like a fragrance – diffuse into the background.”

Check out this time-lapse video of the artist in action:

“I always liked what Oscar Wilde had to say on the subject,” Farago reflects. “‘I always pass on good advice. It is the only thing to do with it.’”

Today’s thoughts (two today!):  “I read past my bedtime” and “There is no friend as loyal as a book.”

In the spirit of Wilde, post them and pass them on!

How do these aphorisms speak to you, or reflect your own love of lit? What are some of your own favorite sayings about books and reading?

08-PastBedtime (1) less than 2m        07-LoyalAsABook (2) less than 2m

Love these bon mots? You can make the images below your NOOK screensaver (NOOK Simple Touch, Nook Simple Touch GlowLight & NOOK GlowLight only) by following the instructions here:

08-S-PastBedtime screensaver    07-S-LoyalAsABook screensaver