Free Fridays: We’re Going to the Farm by Nancy Streza and Fairy Math app

Today’s Free Fridays book selection is We’re Going to the Farm by Nancy Streza – a sing-along children’s book that’s perfect for story time!

Kids will be captivated by this lovely farm story that’s set to the rhythm and cadence of the classic song The Farmer in the Dell. They’ll learn about different farm animals and new words while singing along with you. Reading has never been more fun!



Today’s Free Fridays app selection is Fairy Math by Bugaboo Math Games for Kids – a fun, engaging education app that’ll get kids excited about learning arithmetic!

Recommended for kids ages 0-4, Fairy Math takes you into a vivid fantasy land where beautiful fairies and other magical creatures help you earn jewels for your crown to become king or queen of your domain – but you’ll have to complete equations to obtain the jewels! Learn to identify numbers, count objects, addition and subtraction, and more to achieve the bejeweled crown of your dreams.

For more great educational apps from Bugaboo Math Games for Kids, click here.

Each week, we ask our featured author to recommend a book or author that you may want to check out. Since authors are such passionate readers themselves, we thought you might like to find out what they love to read, too! Here’s what Nancy recommends:

Right now, I’m reading Secret Agent Josephine in Paris by Brenda Ponnay to my granddaughter. The illustrations are bold and eye-catching and I love the idea of a mother-daughter spy team gallivanting around Paris.  It’s the complete opposite of a trip to our farm and that makes it just right for our imaginations to run wild.

  • NanaRo

    Thank you! I download children’s books and apps for my grand-kids and they love using Nana’s Nook.

    • francesde1st

      Do they ever! One of my granddaughters confiscated my nook over Christmas vacation! Have to get another one!!!

  • Hannah Blessing

    Thank you!!! Happy Free Fridays! Have a great weekend, and week, everyone!

  • Carlissa

    Here’s a few freebies that I found this week:

    The Right Wrong Number by Barbara Delinsky (short story)

    A Distant Melody by Sarah Dundin

    24/6: A Prescription for a Healthier, Happier Life by Matthew Sleeth (religion)

    The Room Behind the Wall by William Hrdina (short story)

    Roscoe and the Christmas gift by Gloria Fifield (short story)

    Haunted by Willow Cross (collection of short stories)

    A Distant Melody

    Tales of a Century 2: Sleeping Beauty

    The Iceman Lives For One Day


    The Magician: An Andromache Jones Mystery

    • butterflly13

      Thank you for sharing my window for looking disappeared this week. Have a great weekend everyone.

    • Hannah Blessing

      Thank you!!!

    • Lisa

      Thank you very much. How thoughtful of you.

    • PacNWbookwyrm

      Thank you for posting the extras. I really appreciate all the work others do to find more fee books for the rest of us.

  • Debbie Morgan Oliver

    How do you download these? It use to be you just click on the link but don’t see that anymore?

    • Heather

      The book titles in the post are links. Just click on the titles.

      • Debbie Morgan Oliver

        Thank you Heather!

  • Cerise Wade

    Wonderful! I love it when the freebie is for kids. My boys are always hungry for new books!

  • Penelope Snopes

    Thanks so much for fun kids book and for the math app! Also thanks to all the other Nookies that come here and make Friday so special.

    “So many books, so little time.”

    Frank Zappa

  • Truittka
    • Hannah Blessing


    • Lisa

      Thank you so much for this. you are very kind

  • Rhonda1957

    Thank you! I downloaded today’s selection this morning, but have not yet had the opportunity
    to see if my granddaughter likes it. I want to comment, however, regarding some of the posts (in the book review section) from folks who are very unhappy with the selection of a book for a child. I first introduced my granddaughter to my Nook tablet when she was less than a year old because of a free Dora the Explorer app. Although it was too advanced for her at the time, she LOVED it and has grown into it. Now at 22 months, she is quite proficient on the Nook. She absolutely adores the
    interactive Wubzzy books, and insists that we “read” Sweet Dream Kisses before bedtime any time she’s with me. I commend BN for reaching out to ALL demographics and genre preferences (isn’t that what Free Fridays is all about?). Because of that, we now have a little person who is developing a love for reading that will serve her well all her life.

    • April_PopcornThoughts

      Those “reviews” are beyond ridiculous. I’ve been flagging them as Off Topic (sometimes obscene!) as well 🙁

    • JagerDog721


  • Sara

    This new blog thing for Free Friday STINKS!

    • Hannah Blessing

      Yeah, it definitely is weird. And I don’t like that posts with books keep getting erased. I don’t understand why they would do that. They should recognize that the more books people read and sample, the more likely people will order other books from those authors. That’s why they are free in the first place! Because they want people to find them and give them a read.

  • k2

    did bn stop the free Fridays book for adults? I am having a hard time finding them each week

    • Hannah Blessing

      This week it’s for kids. It changes, you never know. I’m glad you found the blog! Maybe you’d like some of the free books that other people have posted here.

    • sandy
  • Shari

    Ok, Spec was here and i got one book from his list and now his post is gone and i can’t find it! 🙁

    • Shari

      Spec tried to message me and that was deleted too. As i’ve hacked my nook and can run the kindle app, i guess i’ll just head over to amazon.

      • Linda Ewing

        How did you get the kindle app to run?

        • Shari

          The link below is for nook color:

          I understand that if you have a nook tablet with access to google play that you get the kindle app from there. You can also get the nook and kindle apps on most smart phones. The nook app is not available for windows 7 phones, which is what i have 🙁

          • Sam

            so if you download this can you only read amazon books for kindle or can you also still read books you downloaded for the nook?

          • Shari

            I don’t know how it works on the tablet as i have a nook color. On the nook color you have to boot the nook with the hack micro sd inserted. It boots thinking it’s an android phone. Using the android operating system, download the kindle app from google market place. To get back to nook, you power down the device, pop the sd card loose (you don’t have to completely remove it, just unseat it) then turn the device back on. It will boot as nook. Once it boots, you can push the sd card back it with no ill consequences. Then you don’t have to worry about losing the tiny thing. You cannot switch between the 2 without rebooting. The only reason i even bother with it is because my phone is window 7 and there is no nook app for windows 7 phones. I like to be able to access my library from my phone.

          • Sam

            that is awesome. he talks a bit fast on the video so i am unsure of when he says to download all that to the sd card at the beginning do you do that from a regular computer or from the nook, sorry i am not tech savvy

          • Kym9932

            Please read up on rooting devices, Remember if it goes wrong you could permanently damage the device and voiding the warranty

          • Crys

            using an SD boot disk is not the same as modding the system and poses little risk.

          • Alice Soefje

            With the Nook HD, you don’t have to do anything special. Just download the Kindle app through the Playstore and open it like any other app.

          • Crys

            not sure who your cell provider is but at MS store (not windows app store the MS store site). They have a pre-paid for tmobile and/or at&t win 8 phone for 69 & 59 (Nokia Lumia 521/520). Prepaid phones can usually be used for reg contracts with the same providers. These phones can do some stuff via Wi-Fi only. including downloading nook app I believe.

          • Alice Soefje

            You can read both. Nook is on the device itself and Kindle is an app.

      • Kym9932

        Hi Shari
        Please do that way we don’t have to hear about how wonderful your Kindle is, and BTW if you soooooo Happy with your Kindle why come to the Nook Blog

    • Hannah Blessing

      Yeah, he was here. And then he was gone! I don’t know who’s doing that to him, but I hope they stop that. He’s not doing anything wrong, just enhancing the Free Friday Blog.

      • Hannah Blessing

        Okay, he just got erased again, along with a post with books by Truittka. That is so awful!!! Who is doing that?

        • Truittka

          It’s quite frustrating. I really enjoy sharing the freebies that I find. I don’t understand why our posts and comments keep getting deleted. It sucks.

          • Truittka

            Additionally, I continue to get an error message that states that I have already posted this comment whenever I try to replace the vanishing comments.

        • Carlissa

          I still see the list of short stories that Truittka posted 2 hours ago,
          I never saw Spec’s post though.

          • Nancy Stewart

            Me, too.

    • butterflly13

      We talked about this last week I think he has been flagged. I think maybe by barns & noble to limit the access to the free material but I don’t know for sure. I just know this not the first time this has happened.

      • Truittka

        Spec and I usually use similar wording to start our posts each week. As soon as I deleted my usual intro, the post went through without difficulty. I’m not sure why that would make a difference, but it did.

        • Olga R.

          Perhaps the way you structure your post makes Disqus believe you are persistent spammers. Also, having more than a link on it, might trigger another spam alert -it’s just a guess. May I suggest to have the listing to freebies in another page? So that you can only list a link to it 😉 . Greetings and thank you for your work!

          • Truittka

            I suspect that may be the case. I’ll try changing my wording next week and see if I’m able to post without trouble 🙂

  • Linda

    I won’t download the children’s book, but I do not mind BN offering a book I do not want, which often happens. No book will appeal to everyone. BN has introduced me to some wonderful books and it works for them because I will buy other books by the author of the free book I liked. I want BN to stay in business and keep a local bookstore. Thanks, BN!

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  • KC

    Other sources of free ebooks are from Bookbub and eReaderPerks. I receive daily emails with lists of free books for the category I’ve selected.

    I do miss the old NOOK Free Friday’s site, but free is free…no reason to complain.

    • Hannah Blessing

      Thanks, those are great sources! I use them too.

  • RJ Smith
    • Hannah Blessing


    • L Jackson

      That one was free a while ago and I read it. I enjoyed it so much I actually got the other books in the series by that author!

    • Martha Knowles

      Looks like a fun book. Thanks, I downloaded it!

    • LuLuIL


  • Sally

    Thanks BN for giving us Free Fridays! Although todays choice is not one that I will download, there have been many that I have. Just last night I finished reading “A Midwife’s Here!”, a free friday book, it was wonderful! I would have never read it had it not been for Free Fridays!!

  • Truittka
    • PacNWbookwyrm

      Thanks! Looks like some good ones there 🙂

  • Swan

    I didn’t download the book or the app today, but I’m glad that genres are always changing and items for kids are included.

    Here’s a free book that I found yesterday that is still free:

    Divine Intention: How God’s Work in the Early Church Empowers Us Today

  • Tami

    Okay folks, BN can’t make ALL the free stuff for adults! And that’s okay. My goddaughter will enjoy this one and that’s cool with me!

  • Nancy Stewart

    I used to be able to put the blog on my front page of My Yahoo!, but since the new blog started, I have not been able to get it on my page. I have to hunt to find this blog, and it gets frustrating. The mechanics of this blog seem inferior to the old one, in that the old one worked and this one has to be dug out. No complaint about content, just can’t access the blog easily any more.

    • JRB

      I agree with you Nancy. Every week it takes me a while to locate the blog even though I have book marked it the previous week. I’m also a bit disgruntled that Spec’s posts are being removed.

      Hey Spec – we appreciate your efforts. Thank you.

      • LuLuIL

        Kudos to Spec!

  • issyrobin

    where is the list from Spec???

  • editorgal

    I miss Spec’s list, and the old format. This is not as easily navigated — at least not for this technologically-challenged soul.

    • Sherri

      I agree. I find what I miss is that it’s hard to toggle back and forth between downloading books and the blog. Also, I only go to the blog on Friday and now I miss the ease of looking back briefly at blog entries from the previous days in the week.

  • Beth Ann Denney

    Thank You!!! 🙂

  • barbara

    I don’t understand why when I click on a free friday book, it isn’t free! What am I missing?

  • Karen Scalley

    I don’t know if this will work or not since everyone is saying that posts leading to free books are being deleted. But this link should take you to Spec’s list.

    • NanaRo

      Thank you, Karen. I bookmarked it so I can check Specs list each week.

    • LuLuIL

      Found it! Thanks

  • Courtnie

    Thank you for having some kids selections on here. My sons both got Nooks from their grandparents for Christmas and they LOVE them! I am happy to see even a little catering to the younger set. I have been extremely disappointed in the selection (or lack thereof) of accessories for Nooks for children. Adults aren’t the only ones who have Nooks now! Sorry if that was a little off topic but I get a little frustrated about that! Thank you again for having a nice selection for my little guys!

  • mysticorn
  • AvidReader007
  • Alice Soefje

    I have a nook hd and I had no problem downloading the Kindle App onto it. I downloaded if from the play store. I have not tried to download anything from anyplace other than Amazon. It works beautifully. I added an extra memory card and have had no problem with space. And I have a LOT of stuff on my Nook.

  • Alice Soefje

    I take it back. I have loaded things from, but they just go through Amazon, so I don’t think that really counts as another source. You can also find free books from Barnes and Noble on it too.

  • cheri brown

    Kindle on Nook

  • Cledia Barnes
    • Kbob

      Thanks for that link. the generic link to the free noobook thread no longer works, only a link to a specific post. Sigh. Barnes and Noble is chasing us away. We’ve purchased over 2000 books through this site, but have recently started using the “other” site (to the tune of over 800 books at this point) because of issues such as this, and uncertainties regarding b and n s future. We had a great thing going here for a while, and we used to suggest/push people towards the B&N products/books/ecosystem. I do not see how we can keep doing that with the way they are treating their own customers. Those of us that frequent the blogs and forums are likely some of the most hardcore users of B&N products/services, and they seem determined to marginalize us.

      • PacNWbookwyrm

        You are probably right. I have been a Nook fan for some time. When it was time for me to get a new one, I went with the HD and gave my older boy the Color that I had. I had no idea that B&N might be getting out of the Nook business until a few months after I bought my HD. I went with Nook at the beginning because it allowed for more types of files vs Kindle….now I am having my doubts as I see more and more Kindles out there….
        (formerly dentlhlpr)

  • LillieAna

    Thanks for having a Children’s book as the featured free Friday book. It is nice to a varity of books featured.
    This new format is still acting strangely for me. Sometimes when I come to this site I get the current free Friday and sometimes I only get past free Fridays. Very strange. I started going from the link on Barnes and Noble’s site but still have this strange problem.
    Thanks to all that post free books here!

    • LillieAna

      I figured out another way to get hopefully consistently since the link from Barnes and Noble website took me to last weeks Free friday. I goggled BN free friday Jan 17.

  • Aimee Gossman

    Where is Free Friday blog for January 24, 2014?

  • Jeff

    What happened to free Friday’s? Two weeks in a roe now, and nothing available… I enjoyed this as I’m sure many other people have, and it seems as though it is no longer…

  • sunnyrester

    What’s. With the free Friday books. I go to download. Them on Friday and the ones from last week are sill showing. I then checked on. Saturday and there are no new ones posted yet.

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  • sam

    When are free Friday books coming back?

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