Guest Post: Rick Springfield, Rockin’ Debut Novelist

5-7_Duo_MagnificantVibr_wAuthor_600x600’80s rock icon and debut novelist (Magnificent VibrationRick Springfield shares his more bookish side with the NOOK Blog

So my first novel is nearly out and I am pacing like an expectant father: nervous, excited, clutching a handful of cigars to pass around. Writing this book was so much fun I am already halfway through my next one (a sequel, of sorts, to Magnificent Vibration).

I was “asked” to leave high school in the 11th grade, in part because I never showed up. But I wasn’t at home playing video games or out on the streets rolling old ladies for crack money. I was sitting in my room reading one of the 200 books I’d stolen from a second-hand bookstore on Burke Street in Melbourne. (I was a really good thief and may have made a career of it if I didn’t mind the odd jail stint now and then.)

Most of the books I lifted were horror (H.P. Lovecraft, August Derleth, J. Sheridan Le Fanu, Robert Bloch) or sci-fi (Arthur C. Clarke, Robert Heinlein, H.G. Wells), and I am still an avid reader (although I’ve expanded my range of genres somewhat since I was 15). I have remained in love with the written word ever since, even when those words are: “She was just 17. You know what I mean.”

Music lured me away from the fiction-writing path I’d set out on in my early teens. I channeled the desire to write into songwriting, which has worked out okay for me, but now I am really happy to be back writing prose. All I ask is that you help make this first novel a success so that I can keep writing. :) Deal?

I love writers. Theirs are the only autographs I seek. I have a copy of Fahrenheit 451 signed to me by Ray Bradbury, Danse Macabre signed to me by Stephen King, and a Gibson Les Paul signed to me by Les Paul — oh, wait. That last one isn’t a book. It’s a guitar. Sorry, just bragging and it got away from me.

Lastly, I’d just like to add that I hope the girl named Josephine (who I was in love with when I was eight years old but who would have nothing to do with me) eventually reads this and realizes how epic I am now, and what a fool she was for not letting me kiss her behind the bike shed at recess.

Okay, that might have been way off base but old regrets die hard.

Thank you for reading.

  • Diane Harnan McCulloch

    The book is fun, magical, characters are good, Love Bobby. Your depiction og God is hysterical I say the Our Father 10 times lol you win its great

  • iloveaha

    Nothing to celebrate when a thief mocks god and brags about stealing. You can actually get through life not having nicked anything that wasn’t yours. But that would require a sense of god and some self respect which you sir lack. Off to pitch my lps in the rubbish bin. Life is short salvation is not cheap, hope you see fit to seeks yours in short order. Prayers, Mary-

  • vachona

    Good luck with your new voyage as an author. Kindest regards.