NOOK Daily Find: The Eighth Day

May 2, 2014: Today’s NOOK Daily Find is THE EIGHTH DAY — a smart, savvy thriller from Tom Avitabile — for just $1.99.


A chemical engineer sets in motion a horrendous explosion killing hundreds of commuters and himself.Hollywood’s hottest sex symbol assassinates a sitting senator.A grandmother stages a sophisticated attack on a train causing massive damage.

An airplane full of Silicon Valley’s brightest is blown up while refueling.

A series of deadly, unrelated events or the unlikely start of an insidious new terror network?

As Science Advisor to the President, William “Wild Bill” Hiccock is tasked with assembling a team to identify and stop the threat, whether homegrown or foreign. His team — a retired Navy admiral, a wise-guy computer hacker sprung from federal prison, and his ex-wife, a leading behavioral psychologist — must identify and destroy their elusive adversary who always seems to be a step ahead.

This special price is valid for today only — stay tuned for tomorrow’s NOOK Daily Find.