NOOK New Release Tuesdays: A Perfect Life

Today’s NOOK New Release Tuesday pick is A PERFECT LIFE — a heartwarming, inspirational novel about a mother and daughter who face challenges while attempting to maintain an unblemished outward appearance.

From B&N Editors

On camera, anchorwoman Blaise McCarthy seems the very picture of calm self-mastery, never showing signs of fluster as she directs tough questions at heads of state. Offstage, her life is a drastically different story. She scarcely knows her teenage daughter Salima, who years ago was shunted off to a boarding school after she suffered blindness from Type 1 diabetes. Now the school is closing and Salima must return home. Blaise’s discomfort at her unwelcome return is complicated when a handsome new male caretaker arrives, full of strong opinions and challenges to both mother and daughter. Danielle Steel’s new novel manages to both remind us of all her former triumphs and still break exciting new ground. A mother-daughter story and a romance in one.