Who’s watching who? I wondered, when I went out to the dogs one morning and saw the telescope across the lake aimed straight at my parents’ cabin. It was pointed like an arrow right into the cabin’s heart, into our…Read more


Another wedding to plan, and the deposit check would be very helpful to pad her bank account a little.The next evening at seven o’clock she arrived at the condominium high-rise on North LaSalle. The doorman cleared her to go up…Read more

Food & Cooking

What is butterscotch? And what’s the difference between butterscotch and caramel? They both involve cooked sugar, but caramel is made with white sugar, and butterscotch with brown. The toasty sweet flavor of butterscotch comes from cooking brown sugar with butter…Read more


What drew eva and me together was our shared sense of imagination. Hers was formed from rich materials, mine from poor; hers developed over endless hours in the exotic garden kingdom she inhabited with her sisters, mine over hours alone. But…Read more