Mysteries & Thrillers



Ingrid Thoft

Fina pulled into the parking lot of her niece’s school and scrolled through her e-mail. Haley was due out of her after-school activities at any moment.It had been nearly a year since her brother Rand’s wife, Melanie, had been murdered,…Read more

Inspector Lok had always hated the stench of hospitals.That antiseptic tang was wafting through the air now, assaulting his nose. It wasn’t that he had bad memories of these places, but the reek reminded him too much of a morgue.…Read more

He surveyed the deck. They were still there, the precious treasures; more than two hundred plants, insects, reptiles, and small mammals had been collected and stored in a variety of pots, jars, barrels, and crates.Of all of the plants, however,…Read more

Monica thought about what the farm’s accounts had revealed while she cleaned lettuce and sliced tomatoes for a salad. Probably the best way to break the news to Jeff was to do it quickly—like pulling off a bandage in one…Read more

Hiro opened his eyes in darkness.Night enveloped the room like a shroud, broken only by the beam of moonlight streaming through the open veranda door. The still air and the moonbeam’s angle told Hiro that dawn was still an hour…Read more

You have the luck of the devil, Tom Hawkins.’I grinned at the man across the bench. It was a warm September night, I had a full purse for the first time in months and we had just found a table…Read more