A Reliable Wife

Reviewing the hardcover edition, Veronique de Turenne wrote: “Nothing is what it seems in the pages of [this] debut novel by ad man and memoirist, Robert Goolrick. What starts as a brooding tale of trickery and betrayal is, in fact, a meditation on loneliness. It has roots that reach far beyond the frigid Wisconsin landscape where the tale is set, to suck their sustenance from the personal torment of Goolrick’s own southern Gothic past. . . .The true surprise in this dark and richly textured novel isn’t in the labyrinth of secrets, or even in their revelations. It’s in the ending, an unexpected moment of hope which gives the characters, and one imagines, Goolrick himself, a final — or is it first? — chance for love.” Now in paperback, and at the top of the bestseller list. Read our review.