Amy Bloom

Amy Bloom, author of Away and her latest, Lucky Us, on ”linked short stories, a wonderful way to approach a novel.”





Larry’s Party
By Carol Shields

”A masterpiece by the incomparable Shields.  A man’s life from his childhood to his old age, through marriage, divorce, career, accompanied by surprisingly funny and poignant reflection.  My go-to book whenever I want to remember how linked short stories work.”


The Beggar Maid
By Alice Munro

”In the classic Munro framework of a young, working class girl who goes on to a bigger, more cosmopolitan life, wrestling for years with her difficult, unpleasant, resentful stepmother.  A great chronicle of love, of separation, and of the role of class in family life.”


Winesburg, Ohio
By Sherwood Anderson

”A ‘classic’ — and far more engaging, lively and sly than the word classic implies. The tapestry of lives in one small town in early-twentieth-century America.  My favorite reminder that, as Faulkner said, ‘the past ain’t even past.”


All Aunt Hagar’s Children
By Edward P. Jones

”Moving, turbulent, and darkly funny.  These stories are linked by community and the intersecting lives of an African-American neighborhood.  Another side of the brilliant writer who brought us The Known World.”



Listening to Billie
By Alice Adams

”An extraordinary work by the deft, astute, compassionate and underappreciated Alice Adams.  The lives of friends and family, lovers and lost relatives, in San Francisco over a thirty-year period.  The ease and wit of her storytelling always impresses me.”

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