Jamie Lee Curtis

The screen star on three books best left on the page.

Elin HilderbrandWhen we asked the movie star — and author of nine children’s books including, most recently, My Mommy Hung the Moon — to share some favorite reading, she chose three novels whose film adaptations she thinks just don’t measure up to the original books. Forget the DVDs, read them now!

Books by Jamie Lee Curtis

King Rat

By James Clavell

“I was thirteen on the island of Sardinia with my father. I picked up this book off the shelf in the rent-a-house and it saved me. A great story. I give it often.”

The Prince of Tides

By Pat Conroy

“Such a dysfunctional family. Great to compare with your own.”

The English Patient

By Michael Ondaatje

“Such a stunning world of driving narrative and poetry and imagery.”