Jane Lynch

Three favorites from the author and Glee star.

Jane Lynch is instantly recognizable from her iconic performances in Best in Show, The Forty-Year-Old Virgin, and most recently as Sue Sylvester on Fox’s Glee, for which she has won an Emmy and a Golden Globe. Hilarious, dead-pan, angular yet inviting, Lynch possesses a personality that leaps off the screen. Her new book, Happy Accidents, guides readers through her rise from small town Illinois obscurity to Hollywood stardom, recounting her struggles with alcohol and anxiety about her sexuality with characteristically disarming humor. When we asked her to pick three favorites, Lynch was quick to recommend a range of titles from historical biography to comedic memoir.

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The Rise of Theodore Roosevelt

By Edmund Morris

“It’s the first of three books by Morris chronicling the life and character of Theodore Roosevelt. Talk about American exceptionalism! I loved the story of Roosevelt’s transformation from a weak and severely asthmatic kid into a brilliant, rough and rugged individualist. He was truly a product of his own will and determination.”

I Feel Bad about My Neck

By Nora Ephron

“‘Our faces are lies and our necks tell the truth.’ Laughing out loud, I devoured this delightful book in one evening all the while wishing I had written it. It’s a treat — chock-full of Nora’s self-revealing and witty observations. And I wholeheartedly agree with her when she says, ‘Reading is the unbelievably healthy way my attention deficit disorder medicates itself.'”

A Thousand Names for Joy

By Byron Katie

“Her mind is awake, clear, and open, and the wisdom that spills forth in this book calms my restless spirit. ‘I just welcome things as they come and go. That is true love.'”