Jennifer Weiner

Sophisticated entertainments from the author’s shelf.

Since the publication of her groundbreaking comic novel Good in Bed, Jennifer Weiner’s name has been synonymous with thoughtful fiction about modern relationships. In her latest bestseller, Best Friends Forever, she adds heady thrills and a brush with violence to an insightful story about the bonds between childhood friends. Here she shares three favorite reads.

Books by Jennifer Weiner

Geek Love

By Katherine Dunn

“How to describe this book? It’s a novel about an albino dwarf named Olympia, her lifelong love affair with her limbless brother Arturo, who forms his own cult of volutary amputees, and her quest to rescue her lovely (but with a little something extra) daughter Miranda from unspeakable peril. Huh — maybe best not to describe it at all…just push it into your friend’s hands and tell them they will not be sorry.”

Shining Through

By Susan Isaacs

“Smart, sassy Jewish secretary in World War II-era New York City contracts desperate and hopeless crush on her matinee-idol, married boss…and, when he gets wasted and returns her affections, that’s only when things start getting really interesting. Gripping, heady, romantic, and wonderfully written.”


By Tabitha King

“Smart, savvy, self-aware heroine relocates to Maine, buys the town diner, finds herself caught in a steamy love triangle between the dependable, solid good guy and the roguish, troubled bad boy. Vivid descriptions, dark secrets, and a bittersweet resolution make this a book I love to re-read, and to recommend.”