Melissa Walker

Three favorites from the YA novelist’s shelves.

Melissa Walker’s novels feature young women who are seeking to define themselves in a world that wants to oversimplify them, such as Violet Greenfield, star of the Walker’s popular series about the not-so-confident model. In Unbreak My Heart, Clementine Williams tries to put her traumatic Sophomore year behind her by spending the summer on her parents’ sailboat. But love finds a way onboard. When we asked Walker to pick her three favorite reads, she responded, “I love so many books, but these three Young Adult novels come to mind for me as ‘favorites’ again and again. I think I’ve figured out why: I can hear these characters talking. I love a good voice.”

Books by Melissa Walker


By Michael Northrop

“This one’s about real boys, and real darkness, the kind that lives inside all of us but is acted upon by only a few. What I love most about this story is that these are the guys I didn’t know in high school, the ones who didn’t talk in class or go to Prom. So getting to be a fly on the wall with them felt like being let into a very secret room.”


By Rachel Cohn

“Cyd Charisse, with her rag doll companion and her surfer boyfriend and her real-dad drama, is an instant BFF for any reader. Going on this journey with her — during the summer she’s spending in NYC with her biological father and his family, whom she hardly knows — is like hanging out with a hugely insightful friend who’s finding her way, and helping you find yours too.”


By Coe Booth

“Talk about hearing a book, this one’s got a voice that echoes for days. Tyrell and his story — of girls and no-money and music and little brother love and parent problems and community love and neighborhood strife in the Bronx — will ring in your ears long after you turn the last page.”