The shapely pleasures of a favorite food.

The Geometry of Pasta

Caz Hildebrand and Jacob Kenedy

A visually stunning celebration of the history and culture surrounding 100 distinct shapes of Italian pasta, with recipes for the perfect sauce to accompany each. The authors examine the structural peculiarities that make various pastas unique — the spirals of fusilli that hold a ragu so well, the tensile strength of linguine, which makes it perfect for twirling. You’ll never look at a plate of macaroni the same way again after reading this ingeniously designed black-and-white marvel.

The Encyclopedia of Pasta

By Oretta Zanini De Vita (translated by Maureen B. Fant)

The chronology, geography, and family lore of pasta is collected here by an Italian food authority whose research into the many forms that the blessed foodstuff takes — from agnolotti and alfabeto to farfalle and fazzoletti; garganelli and gemelli to vermicellini and ziti — combines storytelling, scholarship, and mouth-watering recipes. It’s a delicious compendium that will have you impressing dinner guests with your knowledge and craft.


By Bill Buford

An accomplished writer and editor puts down his pen and picks up a knife in the kitchen at Mario Batali’s acclaimed NYC restaurant, Babbo. After that first trial by fire, Buford travels to Italy to study the art of pasta-making under the old masters. Funny, fascinating, and — of course — elegantly composed, his adventures in the world of fine dining are a delight to savor.

Pasta Sfoglia

By Ron and Colleen Suhanosky with Susan Simon

The married chef-owners of Sfoglia (which means an uncut sheet of pasta in Italian) wow diners on Manhattan and Nantucket with their restaurant’s informal elegance and superb food. In more than 100 recipes, they offer step-by-step instructions for creating perennial pasta classics — with appropriate seasonal embellishments. The dishes are captured in sumptuous photographs that will stimulate the appetite and please the eye.

Everyday Pasta 

By Giada De Laurentiis

Food Network star and culinary muse Giada De Laurentiis, with her characteristic flair for simplicity and flavor, showcases the versatility of pasta in many forms, sharing more than five-score recipes for main courses as well as salads and side dishes. Drawing on her Italian-American heritage and years of experience in the kitchen, De Laurentiis explores the extremes of pasta preparation, from delicate capellini to hearty fettuccini — and everything in between.