Pete Seeger

Books by and about people who work to change the world.

Pete Seeger

Pete Seeger is an iconic musician of the American folk music revival, whose work has enough fire to be topical at political rallies and enough resonance and reverence of community to make it a staple at Boy and Girl Scout campfires. Which is why it is little surprise that 91-year-old Seeger’s most recent album, Tomorrow’s Children is a collaboration with children and community members of his hometown in Beacon, NY. Together Seeger and the schoolchildren, known as “The Rivertown Kids,” update old songs and debut new ones that embrace the values of environmental stewardship and social justice. Here he shares three books by and about people who work to change the world.

Books by Pete Seeger


By Wangari Mathaai

“This autobiography from Nobel Peace Prize laureate Wangari Mathaai tells of her incredible life in Kenya. Every aspect of Wangari’s story, from attending primary school and earning a PhD to spearheading Kenya’s Green Belt movement in 1977, is an inspiration. Her story is a testament to what can be accomplished with hard work and determination.”

The Green Collar Economy

By Van Jones

“Environmental leader Van Jones offers his take on two of today’s most important issues, social inequality and environmental breakdown. These are major dilemmas that we cannot hope to overcome without a united effort. It is only when individuals like Van Jones offer real solutions and we come together to implement them that we will see positive change.”

The Adams-Jefferson Letters

Edited By Lester J. Cappon

“These are beautifully written letters between Thomas Jefferson, John Adams and Adams’ wife whom he loved dearly. Their correspondences touch on every aspect of early US society, including religion, government and philosophy. The book offers a rare insight into the minds of three important figures from our country’s earliest days.”