Ricky Skaggs

A musical legend on the reading that inspires him.

With his first television appearance playing music at the age of 7, country and bluegrass legend Ricky Skaggs became in 1982 the youngest member inducted into the Grand Ole Opry, and in the decades since has emerged as one of the defining musical voices of our time. Spanning rock, gospel, country, and the bluegrass music on which he was raised, Skaggs’s career has included multiple hit records and helped usher in a new wave of popularity for traditional American music. His latest record is the gospel-inflected album Mosaic. Here, he shares with us the books that he turns to for inspiration and reflection.

Music by Ricky Skaggs

The Bible

“It’s the greatest book ever written. It tells the stories of ordinary people being used by an extraordinary God. I try and read it everyday, because I always find strength, hope, and answers for every problem that comes up. It’s taught me that when I mess up, to run to God instead of running from Him!”

Total Forgiveness

By R. T. Kendall

“It’s an incredible book dealing with what I think is the Achilles heel of the Body of Christ, and that’s unforgiveness! When I read the book, God brought up people that had offended me, hurt me, and spoke very unkind things toward me that I had just pushed down in my soul and had forgotten about. But, I put this truth of the book to the test and I’m telling you, it works. It’s an amazing truth right out of the Word of God.”

The Purpose Driven Life

By Rick Warren

“It really shows that God has never created anyone without a purpose. The key is finding your purpose, and Rick goes into great detail on how to find God’s purpose for your life. My wife, Sharon, and I have taught both of these books, The Purpose Driven Life and Total Forgiveness, at our home Bible study group.”