Voyages, stories, and adventures at sea.

Sailing Alone Around the World

By Joshua Slocum

In April 1895, the author left Boston in his 36-foot sloop, Spray. His book is a vivid chronicle of the three-year, 46,000-mile voyage that made him the first person to circumnavigate the globe single-handedly. His adventures and thoughts in route made his book a bestseller in his day, and an enduring classic of the sea.

The Greatest Sailing Stories Ever Told

Edited by Christopher Caswell

From Ernest Shackleton’s matter-of-fact account of a harrowing small-boat journey in the Antarctic to William F. Buckley’s cultivated essay of pleasure cruising, this rich anthology presents a feast of engaging sailing stories. With contributions from Tristan Jones, Samuel Eliot Morrison, Ann Davison, E. B. White, and more.

Godforsaken Sea

By Derek Lundy

The Vendée Globe is as treacherous a race as any sailor—to say nothing of a landlubber—could imagine, demanding its participants circumnavigate the globe alone, in a single boat, without stopping. The four-month 1996-1997 contest was thrilling, dangerous, and dramatic, and Lundy conveys every bit of its excitement.

Restoring My Family’s Wooden Sailboat

By Daniel Robb

Detailing the sublime joys (and occasional aggravations) of his education in boatbuilding, Daniel Robb’s detailed report on his restoration of a family sailboat—a classic wooden Herreshoff built to navigate the coastal waters of New England—is a marvelous meditation on craft, materials, place, and memory.

Maiden Voyage 

By Tania Aebi

An 18-year-old bicycle messenger is rescued from her aimlessness by her father’s challenge, presented as a choice: a funded college education or a 26-foot sloop in which she had to sail around the world. Aebi choose the latter course, and her account of her two-year voyage is a sprightly narrative of coming-of-age on board.