Tom Brokaw

Classics from the broadcaster’s bookshelf.

Tom Brokaw presided over NBC Nightly News for 22 years as anchor and managing editor, receiving practically every major award in broadcast journalism, including two DuPonts, a Peabody, and several Emmys. He has also written six books of non-fiction, most notably The Greatest Generation. His new book, The Time of Our Lives, offers advice gleaned from his own experiences and those of other innovators about how we can revitalize the promise of the American Dream. When we asked him to pick three favorites, Brokaw responded: “Selecting just three favorite books is an unfair request, not unlike being asked to name your favorite child. So my list is conditional. It represents favorites in personal categories rather than a list of the all time, couldn’t live without, best books ever written.” Enjoy!

Books by Tom Brokaw

Bury My Heart at Wounded Knee: An Indian History of the American West

By Dee Brown

“Nonfiction: As a native South Dakotan who lived among the Sioux, I was shamefully ignorant of Native American history, culture, and lifestyle until this important book came along.”

Main Street

By Sinclair Lewis

“Fiction: A hugely popular book when it was published, Main Street has lost some of its appeal as America becomes more of an urban nation, but Lewis’s definitive work remains the seminal novel on small-town life.”

Endurance: Shackleton’s Incredible Voyage

By Alfred Lansing

“Inspirational: The story of Shackleton’s epic adventure and survival at the South Pole is unfailingly awe inspiring.”