TV Listings for Sunday, February 7, 6-9 pm

 Ch  1  Channel: regional soccer semi-finals (R)
 Ch  2: Redneck Channel: Baby Bass Fishing in Lapland(R)
 Ch  3: Nazi Channel: Hitler’s Lost Wedding Album (R)
 Ch  4: Paid programming: Smaller Bust in 5 min thru Prayer.
 [Fox:  SuperBowl (until conclusion)]
 Ch  6 PBS: This Week in New Jersey Primary School Education Fund Drive
 Ch  7 Paid programming: Bigger Bust In 5 Min thru Prayer
 Ch 8 NZBC: New Zealand Parliamentary Question Time and Follow-up Debate
 Ch  9 Public Access: Cribbage ’n’ Cheese Chat with Fran (R)
 Ch 10 Movie Hits: The Making of the trailer for “Heaven’s Gate,” Part III (R)
 Ch 11 C-Span: Sen. Wayne Morse (D-Or.) Roast (R)
 Ch 12 Slammer Channel: True Tales from the Folsom Prison Laundry (R)
 Ch 13: Womens’ Ice Rhumba Championships (preliminary rounds) from Manila
 Ch 14 Crap Channel: “Petticoat Junction” Reunion Special
 Ch 15 Laff Channel: Dutch Standup Comedy Festival ’03 (in Dutch)
 Ch 16 Used Sports Channel: l973 A’s-vs-O’s spring training exhibition (rained out)
 Ch 17: “Bla Nidza Ho!” Bulgaria Today
 Ch 18 Eating Channel: Deep-Fry That Fried Egg! (R)
 Ch 18: Hispaniola Hayride. Guest wagonmaster Peewee Herman 

 Ch 19: Canada Fashion Week Red Carpet Preview, Live from Saskatoon (R)
 Ch 20 Moldy Movie of the Month: Great Train Robbery (colorized, dubbed)

Bruce McCall is a New York artist and writer whose work frequently appears in the New Yorker and Vanity Fair.