What the Stars Will Bring

A Poem by Greg Hewett

Today’s selection from the poetry books of Coffee House Press is from Greg Hewett’s collection darkacre, published last week.

What the Stars Will Bring

When there’s nothing left

Consider the stars fading overhead,

A stranger passing on the bridge,

Random words overheard.

Forget astrology.

Take the stars literally,

The bridge as metaphor,

The stranger as familiar.

Take metaphor as metaphor.

Carry the stranger over

To Orion at zenith,

To a noir hero

In the shadows of the pier.

Every step desire.

Every step disaster.

It isn’t written in the stars.

It is written in a constellation

Of syllables collapsing

Along your synapses

Into electric silence.


From darkacre by Greg Hewett. Copyright © 2010 by Greg Hewett.

Published by Coffee House Press: www.coffeehousepress.org.

Used by permission of the publisher. All rights reserved.