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10 Things You Gotta Know About Paying for College (SparkCollege)
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10 Things You Gotta Know About Paying for College (SparkCollege)

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by SparkNotes Editors
SparkNotes 10 Things You Gotta Know books are intended for high school students in the process of applying to college. Pointed, thorough, and concise, these subject-specific books provide exactly the information students need to know in exactly the right amount of space. Each book is filled with lists, sidebars, quick tips, hints, and quotations to provide

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10 Things You Gotta Know About Paying for College (SparkCollege) 4.7 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 3 reviews.
mekaboo2014 More than 1 year ago
This is really helpful for ALL college students. The book is well researched. Only thing some of the information needs to be updated but overall it has all the information you need to know for saving money for college and mistakes people make involving financial aid. Also all the information needed to recieve the maximum money you need for college and its neccessities.
Guest More than 1 year ago
The only way to go for preparing for college is SHEDULES!!! They help so much , and if you leave yourself way more time then you need it makes it so much easier. If you are paying for college you should make a like of things you will need to be paying for, examples: BOOKS!! ( very expensive , but to save alot of money buy them USED!!) resident, food, clothes, etc. This kind of stuff will add up faster then you think. You should crunch the numbers toghther and open bank account just for this, leave a few extra hundred dollars because you never know you might need it if something comes up, and if not its a good thing to have for the end of the year partying gift. But your years are sure to go alot more smoothly if you have a shedule and plans. Plan your events every month, what you need to do and leave lots of time for your work and lots of time for sleeping, don't stay up long nights there is no need for that, if you sleep it will help you and lets all face it we love it and we don't get enough of it. So just do these things and you are sure to have nothing to worry about. But one more thing is if you are finding a subject or assignment difficult, don't sit back and just hope for it to pass by or cheat or any of that, go to your prof. that's is what they are there for. They won't think you are stupid they will only think, wow aren't they smart for coming and asking questions.
Guest More than 1 year ago
If I had read this book while I was still in college, I probably wouldn't still be paying off student loans 10 years after finishing. Brandon Rogers provides tips that can save students mucho de jacko, and his side-splitting comedy is way more than you'd ever expect from a book on financial aid.