Brahms for Book Lovers: A Cozy Companion for Reading

Brahms for Book Lovers: A Cozy Companion for Reading

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Brahms for Book Lovers: A Cozy Companion for Reading 5 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 1 reviews.
Kasia_S More than 1 year ago
This was the first Philips album that I purchased from this wonderful series, I was twelve at the time and yes I was buying classical music, how sappy eh? Well, fifteen years later I am still listening to it and every time I put this album on it hits me how particular this music is. It's almost as if Brahms knew the secret to our unconsciousness and wrote music that struck the listener after they had one listen of his creation. The first piece, Sonata for violin and piano is no wall paper music, there is nothing shy and delicate, instead it's actually very moving and almost too passionate for reading but I love it regardless. I tend to play Brahms on low volume when I read because sometimes I catch myself listening to the music and not paying attention to the words on the page.

Lots of vibrant violins, earthy clarinet and piano dominate this cd, and I must say that his music is very full of life. Another thing that I like about background music as such is that even thought I enjoy being alone, when I put this on I never feel lonely. Plus Brahms always reminds me of small intimate bookstore music so double bonus. Influenced by Schumann, Mozart, Haydn and his beloved Beethoven, Johannes Brahms was still satisfied writing intimate music with only a few serenades, symphonies, concertos and only two orchestral overtures. Chamber music was more his style and he was a shiny beacon that many looked up at during his life and after his death.

Even though this is the second album that is meant as a companion to reading that I am reviewing, they are all as individual and different as the composers. There are a few more in this series and the bookworm in me insisted that I have them can never have enough books or music....

- Kasia S.