Funny Lady [Arista]

Funny Lady [Arista]

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Barbra Streisand is not known for singing standards, so the chief virtue of this soundtrack to the sequel to Funny Girl is hearing her singing songs like "Am I Blue."

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Funny Lady [Arista] 4 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 1 reviews.
Guest More than 1 year ago
Barbra Streisand not known to sing standards?? Well, I disagree with the previous reviewer. However, as far as this FUNNY LADY CD goes, Arista has done a fine job reconstructing it from the original tapes. Some purists may be disappointed. Some fans may be elated. The biggest change is in the GREAT DAY track. Arista has pulled another version of this song for the CD. It contains different Streisand vocals, an elongated middle section with hand-clapping, and a different arrangement. I think it's wonderful. Purists will miss the original album version with Barbra's opening: ''Angels in the skyyyy-yyyy''. Another tampered track is HOW LUCKY CAN YOU GET. The Arista people have added a ''scratchy record'' sound effect at the beginning. It reflects the scene in the movie, as Fanny Brice puts on a record and sings along with it. The good news is that Arista includes ANOTHER version of this song (the ''single'' version) as a bonus track at the end. It has a different arrangement, leans a little toward ''pop'', and features different Streisand vocals. Otherwise, the only other changes are the resequencing of tracks -- more in the order they were heard in the movie. There are some hilarious (but dated?) liner notes by the real Linda Richman (Mike Meyer's mother-in-law, whom he based the ''like buttah'' Saturday Night Live character on). This is a funny thing, but it's been a few years since ''Coffee Talk'' and now the liner notes seem like a kooky stunt. Over all, I recommend FUNNY LADY. I like hearing new tracks and different takes on songs. Of course, I still have my old ''Bay Cities'' version of the FUNNY LADY CD, so I can put on the original album any time I like. But for FUNNY LADY (and Streisand) fans out there ... enjoy this one!