Words and Music of World War II

Words and Music of World War II

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This two-CD audio documentary mixes popular songs (usually excerpts) of the early to mid-'40s inspired by World War II and excerpts of famous speeches and news reports of the time, joined by some slightly ostentatious narration. If you're a music collector, it's not the ideal way to hear World War II topical songs, because most of the music tracks are incomplete

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Guest More than 1 year ago
I've just finished listening to this recording with intense interest, since the war ended just two short years before my birth, and my father and uncles were among the ones who served. The choice of songs fit surprisingly well into the narration and proved eye-opening. Though I've heard and loved many of the songs and knew they were wartime melodies, I hadn't connected most of them to the events that inspired them. The speeches, and especially the news reports of those years, bring to life the events of the time, and the human emotions they inspired, in a way no history book or memorial ceremonies have done for me. All in all, this recording has proved a fascinating survey of life and culture as it was lived, both by our troops and the civilians left at home. A must buy for anyone not yet acquainted with the war and its historical and musical context.