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A Pocketful of Hope Harmony Village Series, Vol.3

A Pocketful of Hope Harmony Village Series, Vol.3

4.6 3
by Anna Dynowski

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Beneath the outwardly quiet and gracious manner of Janek Koznaski lies a dark and painful past: abandonment at birth and abuse by the clergy. Two days out into the secular world, with insecurities plaguing her, ex-nun Kerry Heaton is flying solo without a compass. Interest ignites when the highway map for their lives lead their pathways to cross, but road blocks are

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A Pocketful of Hope Harmony Village Series, Vol.3 4.7 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 3 reviews.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Name: Toxin <p> Age: ? <p> Body Color: dark grey. <p> Mane/Tail: bright green, like Chrysalis's but shorter and more jagged, often worn in a ponytail. <p> Eyes: bright green. <p> CM: a toxic symbol, you know, like the thing they put on toxic/radioactive stuff? Yeah, that. <p> History: daughter of Queen Chrysalis, but landed in Ponyville after the battle in Canterlot. She was kicked out for being a changeling and she traveled for years before finding this place. <p> Theme Song: Thanks For the Memories by Fall Out Boy or Radioactive by Imagine Dragons. <p> Other: ask!
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Name :: SQUIDWARD! I'M A WATERMELON! Honeytart, derpeh. <br> Age :: *shrug* <br> Gender :: &female <br> Coat :: Pale gold with white splattered hooves and wingtips. <br> Eyes :: Dark indigo blue with a silver scar over her left eye. <br> Mane // Tail :: Reddish cinnamon color like Celestia's but jaggedly cut, a thick single braid running through both mane and tail. <br> Magical Aurora (Aura?) :: Cinnamon! <br> Cutie Mark :: A skull enveloped in a blazing fire. <br> History :: See 'shallow water' res 1 & 2. <br> Pet :: Not really a pet. More like she befriended a sea serpent. :/ <br> Other :: Was once a pirate queen. O.o
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Firework: Mai bio is at st <p> Luna Bio: You know her <p> MagiBolt bio: <br> Name: Samus Aran. Shut up, Mini Mario, my name is totaly not MagiBolt <br> Age: Same as s 4 twilight <br> Looks: The same colours and style eyes and wings and horn and mane and tail style as twi but lighter or darker shades. Her coat is darkish purple, her eyes are light purple, her mane is lighter royal purple, the pink stripe is light pink, the blue stripe is velvet. Her cm is a magenta lightning bolt with sparklez around it. Her magical aura is light pink <br> other: is twi's twin sis and has the same talent. She rules over the everfree forest, or at least that is what celestia thinks. She really just befriends all of the animals there. She was the FIRST fanpony ive ever made yay she has a pet giant timberwolf named lilly. Bio updates are at magical lightning res one