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A Warrior's Witch (an Otherworld Romance)

A Warrior's Witch (an Otherworld Romance)

4.0 8
by Stacey Kennedy

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A Warrior's Witch (An Otherworld Romance) 4 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 8 reviews.
MD_Christie More than 1 year ago
Another beautifully written book by Stacey Kennedy!I LOVED this book! While reading The Willow - The Magical Sword Series, I had been hoping there would be more from Talon and Zia! Stacey, thanks for writing such an incredible series, and for keeping the characters stories coming!
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
CSI_Librarian More than 1 year ago
A Warrior's Witch was typical, I think, of Paranormal Romance but in a good way. What I mean is that this book is more along the lines of what I keep expecting this subgenre to ultimately be and so I was quite pleased with it over all. The story itself worked well for me and I liked the balance of romance, action, and humor. I really thought the opening was great in particular and that the pacing was pretty terrific. There was plenty of interesting dialogue too, and I liked watching the case develop. Oddly enough, I liked both of the main characters and I actually liked them both equally. This rarely ever happens to me so I am very pleased about that. I also liked the way Zia and Talon approached the case as well as each other because they had plenty of chemistry. (So much chemistry. *fans self*) I definitely liked that they both had priorities that included and didn't include one another like Kyden, Talon's son, and Nexi, Talon's daughter-in-law. Especially Kyden. I am, of course, a sucker for basically single fathers raising sons so I found their conversation towards the end of the book was super sweet. The fact that the case remained just as important as the romance and that the book had a real, solid conclusion were additional perks. Occasionally I felt more needed to be shown instead of told in terms of the writing. Part of that I think is just unavoidable in a novel that is 132 pages long, of course. And eventually some insight was given into the deep connection leading up to the established relationship between Zia and Talon, but I sort of wish the book had opened with that instead of ended with it. Don't get me wrong though. Over all, I really, really liked everything about A Warrior's Witch as well as Zia and Talon. I will certainly be keeping an eye out for more Otherworld Romances and hopefully reading more books by Stacey Kennedy in the near future! In conclusion, if you're a fan of Paranormal Romance who is looking for a fun read with cool characters with a hearty amount of chemistry, check this book out.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
I keep hearing rave reviews about this writer, but for me the writing was amateurish, and the characters flat. Their reactions and emotions unbelievable. Nice cover though.
Pandora422 More than 1 year ago
As Master of Guardians and Master of Witches in Otherworld, Talon and Zia are sworn to protect humans as well as their own kind from any supernatural threats. When an Otherworld Guardian from the Earthworld is found dead, Talon and Zia are called to the scene and soon discover the identity of the dead guardian is Whitlyn, the mother of Talon's son Kyden. Talon vows to seek revenge for her murder and together with his lover Zia, he'll start an investigation to uncover the mysteries surrounding Whitlyn's death. This investigation will lead them to a world of BDSM, rogue supernaturals and dangers that will have Talon reexamining his emotions and where his heart truly lies. This was a non-stop, sexy thrill ride! I couldn't put this story down, but that's usually the case when I read a Stacey Kennedy book. The characters are captivating and the world created in A Warrior's Witch is exceptional. Talon and Zia are already involved when the story begins so you don't have the developing relationship with the sexual tension you find in some books, these two characters are very much in love and waste no time heating things up! One of my favorite scenes is when Zia and Talon step foot into the Leather Dungeon Club and are introduced to the realm of BDSM. Needless to say things get hotter in the bedroom for them after that night. Through all the conflict and danger, Talon and Zia are put to the test and realize their love for each other is above all else and vow never to take it for granted. The romance between Talon and Zia is sweet and fiery, they respect and love each other despite their demanding duties, I fell in love with them from page one! A Warrior's Witch is an emotionally charged book that touches your heart and keeps you on the edge with its element of suspense. We see a conflicted hero with emotional baggage and a strong heroine who is adventurous but can hold her own. One of the things that really stands out in this book is the unique supernatural world where witches, vampires and werewolves all coexist for the greater good and are not out to kill each other. I found the world building fascinating and the writing phenomenal. Filled with passion and excitement, A Warrior's Witch is a must read for anyone who loves their romance with a little magic and danger!
kopsahl More than 1 year ago
Whitlyn, a former great warrior/guardian to the Otherworld, is discovered dead in her apartment. Talon, Master of Guardians, is called in to investigate. This becomes extremely personal for him in that she is the mother of his son, Kyden, the greatest gift that he has ever received. He will find out who did this and he will make them pay. Helping Talon is his witch, Zia, who is the love of his life. We met lots of other supernaturals such as the Master of Vampires and Patriarch of the Wolves who all work to keep the Earthworld and the humans living there safe. Their main goal in this moment is discovering who poisoned Whitlyn and is controlling other supernaturals. A Warrior's Witch has a lot of elements to wade through to get to the core of this story. The core is Talon and Zia's love for each other and how they must overcome their own insecurities and embrace their relationship. What I liked about A Warrior's Witch was the passion that Talon and Zia have for each other. It is evident in every word that is written and you feel it. What I didn't care for was I had I tough time with the names that are unusual sounding and similar sounding. There were times that I forgot who was who. You are taken from Chicago to the shores of Scotland to the Otherworld and Kennedy does know how to create a fantastical world filled with interesting creatures. I will read another book by Kennedy and hopefully I can immerse myself in her characters and they will become familiar to me and not so confusing.
Tishia More than 1 year ago
This is a wonderful book! I'm a huge fan of Stacey Kennedy's The Magical Sword series, and was a little bummed about that series coming to an end. I was excited when I heard that Stacey was writing A Warrior's Witch, which is a spin-off of The Magical Sword series. This story centers around Zia and Talon, which are wonderful characters. I'm glad they got their own story. The story also incorporates other characters that we have seen from previous series. There is a good mix of elements in this book - a murder mystery, action, the paranormal, romance, and passion. Stacey Kennedy is a pro at writing steamy scenes that make you need to take a cold shower. Zia and Talon have been a couple for many years, so I wondered what kind of passion could be created there. Trust me - she creates it! Not only do we have this wonderful romance in this book, we also have Talon dealing with some inner demons of his own. He has all this guilt that he has been carrying around on his shoulders for years. He is such a wonderful man, and is way too hard on himself. He is lucky to have such a wonderful woman by his side. Talon is this big and tough warrior guy, so I loved seeing his sensitive side. There are definitely a lot of "awwww" moments. I'd say this book is equal parts sweet and spicy - definitely a good combo. Oh, and definitely for the adult crowd :)