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Called to Worship: The Biblical Foundations of Our Response to God's Call

Called to Worship: The Biblical Foundations of Our Response to God's Call

4.1 9
by Vernon Whaley

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ISBN-10: 1418519588

ISBN-13: 2901418519581

Pub. Date: 06/09/2009

Publisher: Nelson, Thomas, Inc.

IS HOW WE WORSHIP TRULY BIBLICAL? There’s only one way to find out: see what the Bible has to say. And that’s exactly what Called to Worship is all about. From Genesis to Revelation, every book in the Scriptures gives instruction and insight into God’s plan for worship. With this book, you’ll learn from Biblical heroes and

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Called to Worship: The Biblical Foundations of Our Response to God's Call 4.2 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 11 reviews.
RevCren More than 1 year ago
I use this book to teach a Praise and Worship Class
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
HarmoniousGlow More than 1 year ago
http://harmonywheeler.blogspot.com/2010/01/review-called-to-worship-by-vernon-m.html An insightful look at the Biblical view of worship, Vernon M. Whaley's "Called to Worship" makes for a compelling read... if you don't mind the length. Though repetitious and long-winded, the book provides principles of worship based on the various people, events, and books of the Bible. Whaley spends well over half of the book discussing concepts from the Old Testament, recounting well-rehearsed stories from the Bible and drawing applications for worship. His complete recounting of these stories, however, adds an unneeded length to the book and often makes for a tedious read, giving "Called to Worship" the unpleasant feel of a textbook. Perhaps Whaley could have saved some extra space (and some of his readers) if he had organized his book by theme instead of by book. Some of the most important principals, found in the New Testament portion of Whaley's book, are not given enough pages, and many of Whaley's points are lost in confusion due to what seems like contradictions that may be explained in the latter half of his book if only he would put half and half, one and one together. Whaley does call attention to one of the most important and compelling aspects of worship: putting God first in our lives (in other words, dedicating our lives to Him in full obedience). Whaley reminds his readers that Christians should not allow idols to replace God. Some of his points on this topic are confusing and contradictory (at least they seem that way - he doesn't account for the difference in covenants when he writes about the consequences of sin), but for the most part, Whaley gives a strong, scripturally-based argument that makes the reader think. "Called to Worship," overall, does make the reader think... that is, if the reader has enough patience to finish the book. God designed man to worship Him, but man often tries to fill the God-shaped hole in his life with worldly idols. Whaley brings readers back to God's "call to worship," the kind of worship man is meant to act out.
RevJG More than 1 year ago
Called to Worship: The Biblical Foundations of Our Response to God's Call by Vernon M. Whaley is a survey of worship throughout the Bible. I received a copy for review from Thomas Nelson Publishing's BookSneeze.com and have been thoroughly impressed with this weighty tome. Whaley clearly has a heart for worshipping God, and an intimate knowledge of the Scriptures. The strength of this book is how approachable both the style and structure are. Let's deal with the structure first. The book follows the Bible from Genesis through Revelation, examining the patterns of worship, and lessons about worship, that we find. Whaley draws themes throughout the book, building foundationally, so that reading chronologically pays dividends. However, I believe that this book will long reside close at hand so that I can return to specific passages depending on which section of the Bible I'm currently studying - in essence becoming worship focused study notes for the Biblical narrative. I also really appreciated the review sections at the end of each chapter, and they way they caused me to reflect on Dr. Whaley's teaching and consider how I should respond - mostly by repentance and renewal! Finally, stylistically, this book reads as though you are sitting with Dr. Whaley as he personally leads you through the material. Though conversational, and highly readable, there is also authority and excellence to his writing. Thanks, Dr. Whaley, for expressing your heart for worship, and teaching so clearly the precedents and call for Biblical worship.
openthebook More than 1 year ago
CALLED TO WORSHIP The BIBLICAL FOUNDATIONS of OUR RESPONSE to GOD'S CALL by Vernon M. Whaley Vernon Whaley takes us on a life-changing journey; one that we enjoy every step of the way, understanding God's call to each of us, seeing His person, His presence, His power, His plan, and His purpose revealed from the very beginning of Creation. Each impacting thought reveals a God who doesn't demand a perfect vessel for the outpouring of His love, but one who will receive and in return worship. One is not required to accomplish through works, only surrender to the Lord of Lords who will do His work in each child of God as we sit at His feet desiring to learn of Him. God desires to dwell with me. God desires to dwell with you. We are born to worship Him-the Giver of all life; the Father of all joy; the Creator of all peace. To know this love is to be changed. There is no challenge in Vernon Whaley's book; the mere reading of it brings one to the feet of Jesus with a heart overflowing in worship. A new focus-an eternal commitment. (Thomas Nelson book review blogger)
Allison_Havemann More than 1 year ago
Often times, nonbelievers think that they have to go to church in order to worship Christ - that is, of course, not the case. Many nonbelievers (and believers alike!), because of this dislike for "organized religion", choose not to follow Christ, because of the bad "church" experiences they have had. It is often said that, "The best way to lead someone to athiesism is to take them to church" and "Many times, the worst representations of Christ, are Christians". Called To Worship is a great example of how to reach out to those who have been wounded by the church, or who, for some reason, need to step outside of the "church" box in order to expand their relationship with Christ. I found the book well organized, uses scripture to support points made, and truly requires the reader to pay attention and to "soak in" what they are reading. This is not a "quick read" or a "self help" book so to speak, but one requiring actual thought and reflection about YOUR call to worship as you build a true relationship with Christ - not the church.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Steelsmitty More than 1 year ago
Called To Worship by Vernon M. Whaley With the basic premise of defining worship using clear biblical evidence Whaley offers a lengthy tome loaded with plenty of historical facts. A better title for the book after taking about three analyzing weeks pouring over the chapters could be: The War For Worship, tracing the history of worship in the bible. Or I might suggest: Worship Wars. This is a very nice view of the history of the bible, worship style. I really liked the historical overview of the bible with the emphasis on worship. Other than a couple of research errors, more like misspoken statements such as pg. 56 where he says, "Now rewind, thousands of decades..." Even if you took the plural here in the most limited sense as two that would add up to 20,000 years. I believe he meant to write, "thousands of years" which would be more in line with the roughly 3,500 years between Martin Luther King Jr's speech and the Egyptian monarchy of Moses day. What is worship and does the bible offer guidance for the modern worshipper and more importantly the modern worship leader? Yes, and Whaley gives the church a much needed history of worship. Much of today's worship and the ever interesting modern 'worship service' will be better served because of this book. I think the worship wars concept speaks dead on and from a perspective that I've never heard before. Over the course of the ages worship of God really has been under attack from enemies like Satan and enemies within like our wicked hearts. Everyone and everything ends up being worshipped over the course of time instead of the one true and living God. Not only does Whaley draw out an interesting perspective on worship from history but add wonderful principles of worship from those same stories. Whaley shows the reader that God has worship standards, a worship plan, and has put an innate desire within each of us for worship. We are worshipping creatures and if we are not worshipping the one true God then we fill that void with cheap substitutes and the war for worship is continued. Some areas of concern: I think the author must mention the use and abuse of alcohol at least in five different places which reveals one of the pet sins of the whole conservative Baptist, Liberty crowd. Yet the sin of overeating is never mentioned which seems in my mind just as big (pun intended) of a problem for mankind than someone who enjoys a glass of red wine with a nice steak and ends up having too much and driving home drunk. In both cases of eating a whole box of Twinkies or consuming a whole six pack of beer the issue is worship and over indulgence of something other than God which is the sin. Also to watch out for early on is a small creeping in of Arminianism. Like most of modern evangelicalism we are plagued with this insidious 'me centered' theology that it just slides in to our common dialog. On page xvii of the introduction we read, "Above all, you will read about God's love for you," Really? God's love for us is above all? I do not think that it is above His glory and His desire to be worshipped by every aspect of His universe. Then on page 215 he does get it right: "Yes, but it all begins with the worship-the right worship-of Yahweh, and that starts with recognizing the glory of God-and giving Him glory." So all is not lost with his theology. I think the biggest impact this book made of me was filling in some missing elements of my theology
MSaff More than 1 year ago
"Called To Worship", by Vernon M. Whaley, is an essential for any Christian Library. This wonderfully scripted inspirational book is the inspirational book for all inspirational books. Whaley, takes scripture and uses it to explain worship. He breaks down the Bible into easy to understand terms, allowing the reader to understand and gain understanding through God's Word. God wants us to worship Him through true worship. Whaley uses this knowledge of the Bible to help the reader learn how to effectively and affectively worship. This book is broken down into three parts: Old Testament Principle of Worship, where we learn from those who lived and loved God with blind faith. We see the errors in our ways through these stories from the Bible, so that we can hopefully not make the same mistakes. We also learn that many in the Bible even seeing the miracles God showed, took Him for granted and fell victim to false worship. God shows that He loves us and wants us to worship Him with all our hearts. Part II deals with New Testament Principles of Worship, where we see how the Gospels are used to teach us and keep us faithful in our worship. Finally Part III deals with Worship in Heaven, the perfect worship. As I opened this book and started reading the Forward, I felt a connection and ever holding feeling come over me. I felt this book was going to be somehow different. Called To Worship does just that . It calls us to worship God in its truest form. Only by our use of the Bible can we gain a better understanding of exactly how to worship correctly. His Word is there for us to read and learn from, so let's make it a point to worship correctly. Whaley uses his experiences along with scripture to captivate the reader and acknowledges that each of us needs to find his or her own personal way to worship fully and wholeheartedly. This book keeps the reader captivated throughout. I highly recommend this book for inclusion in every library. It's a wonderful study guide and can and should be used in conjunction with the Bible for any study of worship.
mustlovetoread More than 1 year ago
Called to Worship Vernon M Whaley As I read this book, Called to Worship, I felt a pull to worship more and learn all I could about worship. This book describes worship from Genesis to Revelation, and beyond to Eternity. Using stories about everyday people, events, and biblical heroes, Vernon Whaley articulates what worship is, and how we can more fully worship God as He would have us worship Him. This book is not about the routine of worship, but why we worship. A quote from the book, "God expects us to reserve time for Him so that He can refresh us as we fellowship with Him", really touched my heart. I stay so busy all the time, and forget I need to stop and rest just as God did on the 7th day. The book showed me how to rest more productively and to get all I could from worshipping God, from understanding why to giving worship to God. The last section of the book discusses worship in Eternity. I can't wait to experience it!! Read this book so you can too.
Aliciawhite More than 1 year ago
From the beginning, God has wanted relationship. Fellowship, friendship, real relationships, that's why He created humanity and revealed Himself to us. He makes His presence is made known through our communing with Him, through our worship. I've been reading a book by Vernon M. Whaley about what it means to worship and how God meant for it to be, and not what we have made it. God will fight for our worship, He will defend His worshipers. Our enemy seeks to destroy out worship and distract us. God wants to be our song, He will go to battle for us. Jesus made it clear that worship was about all aspects of out lives, our services, attitude, integrity, our everyday conduct. We can only do this by being filled by the Spirit. This book takes you through the Bible from Creation to Eternity with a new look at worship in both the Old Testament and the New Testament. You will read about the beauty of true worship and the destructive nature of false worship. Everyone worships something, it is seen in almost everything they do or say. There is power in worship because it is an expression of our hearts. I love this quote by David Crowder: What if we were so moved by who God is, what He's done, what He will do, that praise, adoration, worship, whatever, continuously careened in our heads and pounded in our hearts. - David Crowder