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Celebrity Secrets

Celebrity Secrets

4.3 3
by Jennifer Brown

For Elissa Harner, one of Hollywood's newest actresses, nothing could be better. She is celebrating her twenty-first birthday, has just finished filming her new movie, and she is romantically involved with its producer, Kevin Lytle. But events take an unexpected turn once Elissa comes back to her hometown to spend more time with her family and attend her movie

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Celebrity Secrets 4.3 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 3 reviews.
Guest More than 1 year ago
What do you do when someone threatens to bring up your harsh past? How do you deal with it? How do you protect your family from everything you've been trying to forget? Are you intrigued? Then you should definitely read Celebrity Secrets. This is the story of a celebrity names Alissa Harner, and it all starts with her twenty-first birthday. Her thirty-two-year-old boyfriend proposes and Alissa goes to visit her family from her hometown. But that's not the worst part: a book detailing Alissa' past. Soon, a mix of characters are thrown into the conflict. There's Alissa of course, her mother Monica, stepfather Tom, her little sister Layla, her brother Greg, her boyfriend Kevin, an old friend Paula, the author D.S. Kirk, and someone from Alissa's family's past that they would never expect to show up. Overall, I would say that I was very impressed with this book. At first I was doubtful, because it seemed just like all those other celebrity books out there already. However, the story gradually caught my attention and held it. The ending was especially good. It left me wanting more. The scenes in this book were rather too short for my taste, but it did increase suspense. I found a few grammar mistakes, and the overuse of ellipses was frankly annoying. However, the ending of the story made up for all of this, and I wasn't disappointed. As I started to read this book, I thought it would be good for those teens who aren't that interested in reading but like celebrity gossip. As I finished the book, I realized it was good for anyone who likes a very short read filled with suspense and juicy secrets.
Guest More than 1 year ago
Little Elissa is turning two years old, and her mother, Monica, is determined to make the event a joyous occasion. She's planned it for weeks, even giving it a My Little Pony theme. After picking up Elissa's brother, Mark, from school, Monica, her husband, Seth, and the kids head for home for an evening of fun and games - or so they think. In a flash, everything changes: as soon as they arrive home, they're ambushed by two masked gunmen who demand money they claim Seth owes them. Unable to provide it, Seth is mercilessly murdered in front of his family's eyes. To make matters worse, Monica is able to escape with Elissa, but Mark disappears with the gunmen. Just like that, all the peace and security that Monica has ever known is forever shattered. Fast forward nineteen years: Elissa has become a highly popular movie star, and, best of all, she's fallen completely in love. Also, Monica is happily remarried, and her new family life is blossoming. Once again, things seem as though they can't possibly go wrong - but they do... A book suddenly emerges by a mysterious new author, outlining Elissa's family history in disturbing detail. The Harner clan launches a full investigation to discover the true nature of its origins, but they soon uncover more than they bargained for... Celebrity Secrets is a fast-paced, entertaining read. The plot unfolds with disarming ease, and the action is both engaging and electrifying. Also, Brown does a great job of holding the reader's attention throughout the entire tale, teasingly fostering the suspense until the surprising final pages. For a quick, enjoyable tale of deception and intrigue, Celebrity Secrets more than satisfies.
Guest More than 1 year ago
Jennifer Brown takes her readers into the life of her main character with an abandon. The roller coaster ride doesn't end with the last page of the book. It only makes one want to read more. The skeltons that come out of the closet are not only scary they are lethal. This book is a great read and very well written.