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The Chocolate War

The Chocolate War

3.9 191
by Robert Cormier

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Robert Cormier (pronounced kor-MEER) lived all his life in Leominster, Massachusetts, a small town in the north-central part of the state, where he grew up as part of a close, warm community of French Canadian immigrants. His wife, Connie, also from Leominster, still lives in the house where they raised their three daughters and one

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The Chocolate War 3.9 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 191 reviews.
alewis25 More than 1 year ago
The Chocolate War by Robert Cormier is an ok book. It is easy to follow, but the plot is not that good. I thought it was a boring book. Basically, the book is about a boy named Jerry Renault who plays football for Trinity High School. There is a group of boys called The Vigils, led by Archie Castillo, and they give assignments to people to cause destruction to Trinity. Things were going good in Jerry's life until he met the Vigils. Jerry's assignment was not to sell the chocolates for a few days at the annual Trinity chocolate sale. After his deadline is up he still refuses to sell the chocolates. He turns the whole school against him by doing this. This book has a little bit of violence in it. There are some gross parts and a lot of curse words. A couple reasons why I did not like the book was the author did not tell enough about the characters, so I could not really get into it. The settings at times were confusing, like they were in the wrong place for certain parts. I also did not really understand why he said some of the things he said. It is a decent book, pretty boring in my opinion. It needed to explain more things. Robert Cormier could have taken a few things out and the book would not have changed that much. A few things were just pointless to write. I would not recommend this book. It is an easy read but it is also a very boring read. It is hard to get into the book and want to read it. It did not matter how many times I forced myself to pick it up I just could not pick it up to read for fun.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
The Chocolate War is a great book for anyone i would recomend being older than 10, but thats just me. I could read this book a million times. This story has a great. This is my favorite book of all time and in my life i have read The catcher in the Rye and Lord of the flies no disrespect this book is 100 time better than both of those books combind. Jerry Renault is a high school boy who's mother has just died. Jerry tries out for the football team and the coach likes Jerry's toughness. Then he gets involved in a secret society called the virgils. The leader of the virgils gets pressured into selling chocolates. Jerry sells the chocolates and becomes a hero. Archie gets angry at Jerry and takes him from a hero to an unwanted loser, and makes him vulnerable. In the end Archie gets what he deserves.
Guest More than 1 year ago
This book is a very signifacint book. It has many twist and turns to it,and it like it a lot. It has an amazing plot to it too that is very original. The title of the book is just amazing to. The chocolate war is a title that you could go many ways with. And when you actually read it, it surprises you. I love this book and i think everyone should read it. Its an amazing book, that has a great plot. There are many twist and turns and at sometimes i was confused, but there was always a resonable explanation to it. And it was also easy to understand. So even when i didnt get it they would explain it later, and i thought that that was really nice.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
This book is an good book to read on your spare time.
TeenAtHeart More than 1 year ago
Review originally posted at Bettering Me Up. If I had read this book a few years ago, I would have scoffed at the idea of a group of kids excluding a single student. But times have changed--or social media is allowing for more publicized accounts--and this book is highly relevant in today's culture. Even though it's relevant, I didn't like it. Teenagers who torment their fellow classmates. Adults who turn a blind eye or encourage such actions. Kids who don't stand up for their friends. Throughout the book, I expected a certain outcome, and I'm disappointed in the one that was delivered instead. Not that it's the wrong ending, but it's not what I wanted; it left me feeling like there was something missing. There is a sequel, and maybe that answers some of my niggling questions, but I have no desire to read the second book.
jadldfjkla More than 1 year ago
The Chocolate war by Robert Cormier. This book is a very significant book. It has many twists and turns to it and it like it a lot. It has an ok plot to it too that is very original. The title is stupid though chocolate war. It starts an all catholic high school in about the 1960s. Jerry Renault is a freshman who is trying to play football. But is spotted by a group of boys named the vigils. They run the and cause havoc to teachers and class mates. Archie Castillo is the leader they give out things called assignments you have to do. Jerry is family is so happy to get in to trinity and has a good life until the vigils meet him and his best bud goob. So jerry gets an assignment to not sell in the annual school sale and his principal goes crazy. He starts to get little popular then everyone turns on him. The book has barely any of violence. He does not tell about the characters very well. It was not a book that was exciting but it has its part. The book is ok not great but pretty boring. But it is confusing and he needed explain about things that happened. Like for example he told nothing about jerry's best friend goob. Or about what happened to the principal did he die or is he alive. It does not surprise u at all it is not that good of a book. There is not even a war between any one not even the bullies were really fighting they just intimidate people. I think Robert Cormier could have done a lot better in what he was trying to explain to readers like me but it was ok.
xiiMdudeuramarb More than 1 year ago
This book is about a boy that plays football at Trinity H.S., named Jerry Renault. There is also a group of boys called the Vigils, which is lead by a bully named Archie Castillo. Jerry was a good kid, until he met the Vigils. Jerry was supposed to sell a bunch of chocolates for his school, but he didn't. Almost the whole school hated him for doing that. The Chocolate War, by Robert Cormier is an o.k. book. I didn't really like reading it. I thought it was boring most of the time. I didn't really understand the plot of the book either, so that made it worse for me to read. There were some good-ish parts of this book, but not a lot. One part that I Thought was bad was that the author didn't give a good description of the characters. This book was really boring, but it's not too bad. I wouldn't read this book again, for fun.
tray23 More than 1 year ago
Jerry Reunalt is a freshman at Trinity High School,he also plays for the football team.Jerry is an average kid that mom died and now lives with his dad. Goober is Jerry friend and also plays for the football team. Archie is the vigils leader and basically runs the whole school. When jerry become an outlaw and dont sell the candy,archie and the vigils threaten him. Janza also an freshman beats up Jerry to make him sell the candy. Jerry stands his ground and still doesnt sell the candy. Archie then gives Jerry another shot to get his revenge on Janza, by goin 1 on 1 verses Janza. This book was exiciting from beginning to end. What really got me in this novel was when Archie said "this school is divided into two groups victims and victimize". I liked how they put that quote in this book. Another quote was from Jerry when he said "do i disturb the universe or helped it". When he was fighting Janza he figured out that Archie set him up for this, and he caught himself before he became something he's not. He figured by fighting Janza wasnt helping the universe. Archie also said that "this school is all animals,Jerry want revenge, the crowd want to see blood and Janza was just a beast.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
I guess that this book is ok if you like violence. It is really graphic also.The main point of this story is that you do not to go crazy with power. Also to not disobey the rules.I think that you should read this book if you like a book that will tell you what really goes on in schools. You should not read it if you do not like violence or thoughts of kids coursing or getting in trouble at school. this is why I think you should or should not read this book. Also I gave u some facts on it I think you should read this book but that's for you to decide.I did like this book but I don't know if you will. I know that many people did like it.
stotty More than 1 year ago
The book The chocolate war was a very interesting book. I had no clue they way the ending it was going to be. I personally got confused a little bit in the beginning to a whom was talking. The only place i got bored at was the beginning. There was not enough action for me. The book is not really a hard book to read not many big words. There is some weird spellings for names though like brother Jacques sounds like (when pronounced it sounds like Jock. This book is about a freshman guy named Jerry and his troubles through his freshman year for deciding not to participate in the annual chocolate sale.This starts out as a joke (made up by the vigils) not to take the chocolates from Mr Leon,but then he goes to far and causes everyone a great deal of pain. In the end some people would say he got what he deserved.
ZachDriggers More than 1 year ago
Jerry is a kid that goes to the school, Trinity High. There he tries out and makes the Junior Varsity Football Team as a quarterback. At this school there is a senior named Archie. He is in charge of the secret fraternity named the Vigils. They put together assignments that terrorize the students their mentally. The school is becoming in bad shape, and the annual chocolate sale is coming up. Brother Leon, the school's dean, needs to sell all the chocolate, so he goes for the aid of Archie. Archie assigns Jerry not to sell any chocolate for ten days, then must sell his chocolate after the tenth day. Jerry refuses this demand from the vigils, and does not sale any chocolate. After this other people at the school decide to side with Jerry, and stop selling chocolate. Brother Leon becomes aware of this, and gets the vigils to make Jerry an outcast. They go on to bully him, and have many assorted punishments. However Jerry does not sell any despite the punishments. As the sales fall short, Brother Leon becomes desperate, and sales raffle tickets to a fight at the end of the book.
This book was amazing I would recommend it to all of those who are oppressed and are looking for inspiration.
TeensReadToo More than 1 year ago
This is a horrifying story about a boy's school where there is literally a chocolate war.

A secret society of boys, which the administration has always turned their back on, takes over a school chocolate sale. The boys are all asked to sell fifty boxes at two dollars apiece instead of the normal twenty-five at a dollar. And the leader of the secret society is one of the students who is pushing the sale. And he tells one student to refuse to sell the
chocolate for ten days, but on the eleventh he is to take them. And he doesn't.

This book is interesting, and has a lot of twists and turns. I can see why a lot of schools use this book to teach with. There are a lot of moral lessons and many things that can be learned. I enjoyed reading this, and would recommend it to anyone who has ever had bully problems.
Guest More than 1 year ago
Jerry is a boy who goes t trinity high school and plays on the schools football team. Goober is a fried of Jerry who is also on the football team. Archie is the leader of a group of kids called the vigils. Brother Leon is the principle of Trinity High school.Brother Leon ¿I need your help Archie¿. Archie ¿my help?¿ ¿Leon didn¿t need Archie¿s help he needed help from the vigils¿. Archie ¿but how can I help¿. Leon ¿by getting behind the sale. As you said Archie twenty thousand boxes that¿s a lot of chocolates¿. Leon ¿the price is doubled to. Two dollars a box instead of one. This passage is important because it helps to understand the book. The vigils are the ones who are leading the chocolate sale and not Brother Leon. The vigils are a powerful group of kids. The vigils have a lot of influence on what goes on around the school. They gave an assignment to jerry to not sell the chocolates for ten days but on the eleventh day jerry still would not accept to sell the chocolate for the fundraiser. There are some points that I would disagree with in the book. Like when Brother Leon hit one of his students I would think he would get fired if he did that at a real school. There are some unusual ideas in this book as well. When Archie told goober to go and unscrew everything in the classroom would not usually happen. This book does not relate to me or anyone else that I know.
Guest More than 1 year ago
Jerry Renault is a student at a prep school called Trinity High school. The first chapter he is dreaming of becoming a quarter back for is high school football team. There is a local school gang called the Vigils, a gang that doesn¿t really engage in violence but mentally harms kids that are not as strong and mentally able to stand up for themselves. The Vigils get a kick out of making fun of people that is the main propose of there gang which is lead by Archie Costello a senior at Trinity High. The vigils sale chocolate at the high school. Jerry new they do this chocolate saleing and his assignment was not to sale the chocolates. One day the vigils come to jerry for an assignment to sale chocolates, jerry says no during the chocolate sale roll call. He did this because there is a poster in his locker that states a comment (Do I dare disturb the universe). Brother Leon stood up to jerry and was outrage that he would say something like this after the 10-day period. A day goes by and jerry is asked to sell again and he still refuses. A couple of days go by and the sales go bad/the teacher brother Leon spent all the money on chocolates/and the vigils and brother Leon start to get more upset and worry that there chocolate saleing organization is done for good. The next day Archie and Leon sit down for a meeting. Archie accuses Leon of sabotaging the assignment. They come to a conclusion that to make jerry an outcast and to make the sales popular. All of a sudden the chocolates are saleing like crazy. While all this is happening the vigils are making jerry¿s life a living hell¿by doing pranks such as prank calls and taken his homework and messing up his locker and finally the vigils made his life such a living hell by getting a gang to beat jerry up after football practice. Finally at the end of the story the school has raffle tickets for a fight between Emile Janza the leader of the vigils and jerry and that turns in to a big disaster. I recommend this book to all students that have gone through stuff in there life. This review has been written by Pierre thank you for reading.
Guest More than 1 year ago
The story takes place at a private school named Trinity High School. It is an all boys¿ school. The main character of the story is Jerry. Jerry is a freshman football player. He is trying to go out for quarterback but the coach does not thinks he is the guy for it. Goober is his only friend and he plays football with him. Brother Leon is a teacher that is a corrupt person that does not like the kids. The Vigils are a gang at Trinity High Schools that is lead by Archie. The president of the vigils was Charter he sets up everything for them. The black box is a box that has all white marbles and one black one. If you pull the black one you have to do something. The vigils also give out assignments to all the freshmen and they have to do it or else. Brother Leon set up the chocolate sales he borrowed money that he was not suppose to. Ever kid has to sell 50 boxes each. The Vigils give Jerry an assignment to not sell the chocolate for ten days. After the ten days was up he still did not sell. So the other kids decided they were not selling the chocolate either. Goober starts to sell then he stops to support his friend, Jerry. The Vigils start harassing Jerry for not selling the chocolate. They do that by destroying a poster in his locker, cutting his shoes into pieces. Then at football practice he got hit from behind and got hit in the kidneys. In the classroom this artwork got destroyed. One day after footballs practice Jerry was walking. A kid named Emile Janza stopped him and started talking to him. Suddenly four boys jumped out of the bushes and started beating him up. Then they took off. The Vigils did not want Jerry to make them look like fools so they took the chocolate sales into there own hands. They had people start selling the chocolates so all the chocolates got sold and they did. Archie set up a fight for Jerry and Emile Janza to get even. The fight did not turn out how it was suppose to. Read the book to find out what happens at the end. I thought the book was ok, at times it was slow but it picks up at the end.
Guest More than 1 year ago
In this story there is a high school under the power of a gang called the Vigils. This gang does plot that attack mentally. One of the plots that do is undo the entire desk and classroom materials in a classroom so when you just touch it, it will all fall part. After that happen the teacher left the school. The way the vigils work is there are people in control that make the plans for some one to do. Before they carry out the plan they have to reach in a black box that has marbles in it if you pull a white you don¿t do and they guy that was picked has too. But if you pick up a black one the guy that made the plan has to do it himself. The leader of the Vigils is Carter the guy that makes the plans is Archie. That is the main people in this gang. During this book there is a big school chocolate sale going on and every one is in it The head master is out sick and a guy named Brother Leon is taking his place. Leon is a messed up guy that black mails people to do his doing for him, one point of the book he blackmails a 'A ' student to be the Treasurer for the Chocolate sale. The Vigils get in on this and help sale the chocolates when one of the guys in the vigils are not selling the chocolate because he just does not want to so a little war goes on. Archie make a big plan on how to sell and make Jerry the guy that is not selling look dumb and left out. Leon bumped up the prices because he took some money from the school and getting it back from the sales. Jerry gets attacked and his locket attacked because he is not selling. People call his home and just laugh and hang up over and over. The Whole book there is mind games going on between people. One of the Mind games is Obis showing up before the fight in the book and making Archie draw from the black box to get pay back but sadly dos not work because he pulls a white two times. Jerry dos not sell the stuff and gets a mind game going on with Leon and after a while it ends from him stop caring and being happy about the people that are selling. Carter takes a picture of Janze with a camera in the bathroom and Janze to get the picture but there is not picture because the camera had not film. Obie plays a mind game with Carter by having the meeting in the gym because he really hates the gym, because of the smell. Janze has one with Jerry by calling him gay and fairy but he was told what to say by Archie. This book is a good book it shows the stuff people go though at school some people know and shows how some people can be so corrupted. I really like this book and I think other people should check this out because you may learn something form this book. I liked how this book went but not the ending though but you can¿t get what you all ways want.
Guest More than 1 year ago
Jerry Renault goes to Trinity High School. Trinity High is a private school for boys. He is trying out for freshman football. But other things are on his mind when he is playing. Not to long ago Jerry¿s mother died. Him and his dad are not really close like they were. There is a group of guys that are called ¿ The Vigils¿. They are secret group that runs the school and puts pranks on everyone. Archie is second in command of the Vigils, Carter is the leader but doesn¿t do much, and Obie is the secretary. The Vigils love freshman, so they can recruit them and make them do the pranks and they become one of the vigils. When Jerry was practicing on the field Archie and Obie was making a list of assignments for the new Vigils. They really like Jerry and his friend Goober, so they got the assignments. But Goober gets his first. Goober has to unscrew everything in a classroom. Then Jerry gets his, which is to not sell the chocolates. Which brings us to brother Leon. Brother Leon is a teacher, and in control of the school. Brother Leon wants to sell even more chocolates this year. Jerry¿s assignment was only to last for up to 10 days, but he decided not to sell the chocolates on the 11th day. The Vigils found out that Jerry wasn¿t doing what they wanted him to do. So they took drastic measures to fixing him. Then Archie began taunting a guy named Emile Janze. Emile is the meanest guy in the school he loves to beat up kids. Archie wanted Emile to beat up Jerry to make him sell the chocolates. Brother Leon new what was going down, but he wanted his chocolates sold at any cost. But nobody new that Brother Leon took money from the school and didn¿t tell. He new that the chocolate sell wasn¿t doing well, so he told the Vigils to do what they want. Things lead to one another and something bad happened. I really like this book it keeps you on your feet. It¿s hard to get into at first but once you¿re in your stuck till the end. I think that you will like this book as much as I do
Guest More than 1 year ago
Jerry Renault is a freshman that is trying out for the football team. Jerry Renault has one friend, and his name is Obie. Jerry Renault and his dad don¿t get along that much any more, because his mom just died. Archie Costello is a mean heartless senior who runs a gang, The Vigils. Archie Costello passes out assignments to chosen people. Archie¿s buddy Carter helps Decide who should get the assignments. Brother Leon is a staff member at the all boys¿ school that Jerry Renault and Archie Costello go to. Brother Leon is a cruel, and mean teacher at Trinity. For instance there is this kid who has never gotten an F on anything in his live. Brother Leon gave this kid his first F and only gave it to him because he wanted information out of the kid. Brother Leon also lies and steals. Brother Leon stole money from the school to buy the chocolate for the chocolate sale. Jerry Renault gets assigned an assignment from Archie Costello. Jerry¿s assignment was to not sell the chocolates at first. After the assignment was over Jerry Renault still refused to take the chocolates. After Jerry Renault refused the chocolates some things started to happen to him. When Jerry Renault did not take the box of chocolates everybody at his school thought it was unfair. So The Vigils decided to help out with the chocolate sale. The Vigils went in big groups to sell boxes and boxes of chocolates. This book has a few assignments that were given out. The book also has many twists and turns. I thought the book was kind of slow at the beginning but then it was pretty good in the middle. I was very surprised at the way the book ended. I wish this book had ended differently. Over all I enjoyed reading ¿The Chocolate War,¿ and I would definitely recommend this book to other people.
Guest More than 1 year ago
Jerry Renault is a typical high school student who does his best to get by. Until one day when he is asked to do a ¿job¿ for a vicious gang of students known as The Vigils, the gang is run by a heartless and mean senior, Archie Costello. Jerry is pressured into standing up to Brother Leon, another mean and heartless monster, and refusing to sell chocolates in the school sale. The book takes a drastic turn for the worst when Jerry finishes his ¿Job¿ but still refuses to sell chocolate for the school. Jerry is soon known as the outcast of the school instead of the hero that stood up to Brother Leon. What I liked about this book was that it seemed very realistic about what can happen in high school, people you might have to face and what you may have to stand up against, such as bullies and pressure. There was nothing that I found wrong or distasteful in the book. I would recommend this book to others, even though it wasn¿t my favorite book of all time it was defiantly worth it.
Guest More than 1 year ago
I am a junior at Clinton-Massie High School. For my English II Class i was to choice an independent novel that had to do with bullying and i chose the Chocolate war. This book was an alright book. It goes good with the theme of bullying. Its kind of confusing at the begaining of the book cause it seems to go back-n-forth like it's a flash back, but you aventualy catch on to what is goimg on. I would recommend this book to anyone who likes to be on their toes while reading. Cause it WiLL keep you on your toes.
Guest More than 1 year ago
This book was wonderful. I guess most people liked Jerry and I did too, but I had a soft spot for Archie, strangely enough, his weird control issues had me hooked. As for the ending, I think it was fitting. Most books end with the 'good guy' triumphing over the 'bad guy' which almost never happens. The ending was just reality.
Guest More than 1 year ago
I think this book was one of the best I've read. It's real. That's what young people want to read, realistic fiction. Teachers and parents say how much we need to read, right? These kind of books we are interested in. I don't know why parents get so offended or mad because these books are being published. Even though they don't write about 'a perfect world' they do use some advanced grammer in here and really need to have an expanded vocabulary to understand the story. I'm not up for the parents taking them off the shelves. That isn't fair for other, older, and/or more mature people who would like to read them. I think these parents are just mad because it may be true for their child(ren). Or maybe, because their just scared they didn't raise their kids right and are scared they'll go off doing that. Hopefully, this isn't true! If you parents don't like the book, fine! Just don't go taking them off the shelves. If you don't want your kid reading it, tell them you don't want them reading it. Or ask the librarians at the school or local library you don't want your child checking them out, ok. Some kids are mature enough to not take this personally and/or offensive. I really recommend this book to all the mature kids in this world witout crazy, easily offensive parents. Hi Stone!!!! I'm not afraid to say what I think. I hope i get published in the newsletter, Ms.Hellmann.
Anonymous 10 days ago
Elizabeth Osterhoudt 11 months ago
The Chocolate Wars ,written by Robert Cormier was published in 1974. This book is a young adult book about a single person taking a stand against a big organization, and how the organization used manipulation. Within the book are two main characters. Jerry, and Archie attend an all boys Catholic school. The school strives to sell as many chocolates as possible, and has a secret student society. Archie is the leader of the secret society, and Jerry is the victim. Jerry’s mother had just recently passed away, and was trying to move on. Archie then plans to turn the whole school against Jerry, and he does. Jerry does make a friend who goes by “Goober.” At first Jerry did go along with the society, and did what Archie told him to do. Jerry then decides to rebel against the society by not selling any chocolates. Archie sends the whole school to terrorize Jerry with pranking,vandalism, and beatings. Jerry manages to stay strong throughout the whole book. The book ends with Jerry semi-unconscious, and telling Goober it is best to not “disturb the universe.” I did enjoy this novel a lot. Jerry’s last line was to not disturb the universe. I believe that line is the moral of the whole story. I loved to see how in the beginning Archie was with Jerry then slowly made the whole school turn against him. It is very interesting to see one person manipulating a whole school. I personally suggest reading this book because there are two different ways to look at this book. The first way is to see the manipulation within the book, and how it is used. Archie does not want Jerry to be the only person who does not do what the secret society tells him. Jerry is rebelling, and in order to stop that Archie manipulates the school into harming him. The second way to look at this book is to not disturb the universe as a moral. The student lead secret society is the universe. It is because it is massive compared to just one person, Jerry. Therefore, Jerry disturbed the “universe,” and then had bad things happen to him. This is a great book because of the plot, and the meaning behind the book. I highly recommend reading this book.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago