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Consumed (Fantasy's Bar & Grill, #3)

Consumed (Fantasy's Bar & Grill, #3)

4.5 2
by Michelle Hughes

Miles prepares for a fantasy that is just as much his own as the woman who desired it.  Can a virgin understand the concept of a sexual fantasy, and will Miles find he’s not as professional as he thought when living out a desire he’s had for a long time?  Amber may look like a little pixie doll but she’s been waiting on this experience

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Consumed (Fantasy's Bar & Grill, #3) 4.5 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 2 reviews.
mathphilosopher More than 1 year ago
Michelle Hughes’s “Fantasy’s Bar & Grill: Consumed” is the third novella of the trilogy. The first two novellas were so good, it’s hard to imagine a fitting end to this series. To me, things got a little more vanilla in this book. I also felt like there wasn’t full closure at the end of the book for two out of the three couples in the series. I wanted it to end differently, darn it!
MySecretBookSpot More than 1 year ago
Consumed (Fantasy's Bar and Grill #3) by Michelle Hughes  5 out of 5 Stars!!!!  In the third installment to the Fantasy's series, love blossoms and tempers flare as the battle of wills rage on between Zoey and her four guys!!!!! After Zoey had experienced the four men together and separately, she was forced to make a decision that was nail-chewing at its finest!! Her inner turmoil was very well written and the verbiage made it easy to believe that I was actually inside her head as opposed to Michelle's.  I will forever be in awe of the amount of smoking hot, panty soaking, need a fan HOTNESS that is contained within these covers (whether it be physical covers or digital ones). And the simple fact that there is a story packed into such a quick read that goes deeper than boy-meets-girl-boy-bones-girl makes it even better. In Consumed, we see deeper into the dynamics of not only the characters but their relationships as well. I know that the more I read about Miles and his tender, loving, easy going self, the more I wonder if there is a real life version out there!!!  I still saw several grammatical issues but, this time, with the detail that was packed into these pages and the ease with which I painted my pictures, I easily did my mental autocorrect and went on about my merry business and continued drooling over the four gorgeous hunks we have grown to love.  And Amber.....Sweet,innocent Amber.....I would love to see more of her evolution into her sexuality. I feel as if that in and of itself would offer a very promising tale! We shall see!!!!!  *Honest review given in exchange for a complimentary copy of this book.* Meagan, My Secret Book Spot