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Cube Farm

Cube Farm

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by Bill Blunden

Truth is often stranger than fiction, especially when it comes to the workplace. In Cube Farm, author Bill Blunden recounts his three years in Minnesota performing research and development for Lawson Software. Riddled with intrigue, duplicity and collusion, this story offers a trench-level view of a company in the throes of internal rivalry,

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Cube Farm 4 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 1 reviews.
Guest More than 1 year ago
If you're in IT and have chortled knowingly at Dilbert, then Blunden might take you to the next level of cynicism. He describes his travails in his first real programming job. During the ascent of the dot coms, he ended up at Lawson, a mid ranking purveyor of business tools and technology consulting. He found himself in the tool making part of the company. A very disillusioning foray into coporate computing. Months of intense effort on his part, but no deliverable at the end. Apparently, this was scarcely unique in the firm. He describes others having spent years there, just performing office politics and backstabbing, as opposed to producing a tangible product, to actually benefit the company and its shareholders and customers. Perhaps the funniest passage is his Y2K experience. He wonders aloud if Mr Y2K, Ed Yourdon, was peddling moonshine and hysteria. Many of us might agree. Be warned that Blunden is a Reverend in the notorious subversive organisation called the Church of the SubGenius. One day, Donald Rumsfeld and the Department of Homeland Security will catch up with these blokes. Then, it's one way trip to Gitmo.