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Dark Changeling [Dark Changeling Series Book 1]

Dark Changeling [Dark Changeling Series Book 1]

3.5 2
by Margaret L. Carter

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A successful, middle-aged psychiatrist tormented by an unquenchable lust for blood.... A vampire serial killer on the rampage.... At the age of forty, Dr. Roger Darvell discovers that he is no ordinary man. He also discovers that vampires exist, and that a few of them kill as wantonly and cruelly as any monster in a horror film. When a renegade vampire follows Roger

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Dark Changeling 3.5 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 2 reviews.
Guest More than 1 year ago
Plauged by strange cravings and insatiable hungers, Roger Davrell learns that he is anything but normal. Not belonging to one world or the other, he is only half human, half vampire. His differences make it seemingly impossible to find a life or love, though he has the potential to exist for thousands of years. From his vampiric kin he finds no help, at best, from them he finds academic interest, at worst, homicidal enemity. Yet, there is not a total lack of hope. ...................................... Demonstrating a versatile writing capability, Ms. Carter pens a book unlike any of her other works. Her take on vampires is quite different from the brooding Carpathians, the more light hearted Argeneau clan, or any other vampire breed you care to name. However, in this, her style tends to rambling and a lack of focus that is a bit off putting.
harstan More than 1 year ago
In Boston, psychiatrist Dr. Roger Darvell knows that at forty, he has reached the apex of success in his profession as even the police ask for his help. However, Roger has a secret craving that humiliates him but he cannot help himself. Roger drinks human blood.

Roger meets Sylvia LaMotte at a party. For the first time in his life, he learns why his obsession makes him different. He is a vampire just like Sylvia though he is skeptical and unaware since human parents adopted him. Sylvia helps Roger adapt to his new knowledge before he finally leaves for Maryland and a partnership with the very human Dr. Britt Loren. As Roger and Britt begin to fall in love, a creature form his past has followed him from Massachusetts seeking vengeance starting with Britt and then Roger.

DARK CHANGELING is an entertaining vampire romance that is really two books in one. In the first segment, Sylvia serves as Roger¿s mentor teaching him that he is not alone and how to control his vampiric powers. The second segment is more of a vampiric romantic suspense novel as two star crossed lovers battle with a dangerous enemy for survival. The depth of the tale belongs to the vampire species whose muses on humanity and vampirism is unique and quite entertaining. Margaret L. Carter has written a superb tale in which fans of horror novels and supernatural romance lovers will fully enjoy.

Harriet Klausner