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Death Instinct

Death Instinct

4.0 9
by Bentley Little
"A blast to read…This novel is great."—The New York Times

"Rubenfeld's gripping novel…will have you enthralled from page one."—Entertainment Weekly 

"Brilliantly concocted and more than just a little eerie. The fictional and actual events surrounding the 1920 bombing are as relevant today as they were nearly a century

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Death Instinct 4 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 9 reviews.
Lindsie More than 1 year ago
Bentley Little is a pure SHOCKER when it comes to his novels. You never know what he is going to pull out of his sleeves. Death Instinct ranks number one, of all his novels in my opinion. Its more real than any of his other novels, because we are not just dealing with "monsters". In this case we are dealing with a child, whom is an idiot savant, and only knows how to kill and torture people in sick and unusual ways. This novel is downright creepy and his best so far! I would recommend this book not only to Little fans, but to the whole world of horror and cult. This one is a shocker and extremely creepy. Two thumbs way up!
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
this was my second Bentley Little novel,the first was Resort.I hadnt noticed what a bad writer he is in the first book,probably because the shock value was distracting.Little's writing makes Dean Koontz seem like a genius.Too bad the previous reviewer spoiled the ending and so even suspense was ruined for me.
MercedesMud More than 1 year ago
Spoilers alert---don't read further if you don't want to know what this book is about. Death Instinct's description on the back of the book is what caught me. It's my first Bentley Little novel. The murders in this book are extremely strange, defiantly from the mind of a brilliant psychotic. Cathy lives with her bitter father. Her brother David traumatized her when she was younger. However, the whole David issue had me a bit confused. He enjoyed being naked and showing himself to her, he let his friends watch her use the restroom and he killed a rabbit naked. But it never mentions if he raped her or something else horrible. The book kind of leads the reader to wonder about David but there's never any answers. Also the terror that happened in the house across the street isn't really explained other than on the back cover. Unless I just don't remember this part. Jimmy is the kid who lives down the street, he's alone. His father is out all the time and just doesn't have time for Jimmy so Cathy plays guardian for the boy. When the new neighbors move in Jimmy and Cathy are hopeful that they have a child Jimmy can play with. They do have a child but he's not the playing type. The West's moved into the old house where the previous owners died in. The mother is nothing close to friendly and the boy is retarded. But when you look at him, he has an evil look about him. Something isn't right. Soon the killings start. They are horrible and twisted with no order to them at all. The book is very good at not letting the reader know who the killer is too early. As the victims pile up the reader is hooked, unable to put the book down. When Randy, the retarded boy is finally named as the killer, I was wondering if this could be possible. Then when Cathy gets into his house, searching for Jimmy who Randy has taken and discovers the naked man tied to the bed, I was thinking where is this taking me. Then to discover he's retarded too, wow! That's just sick. Cathy is a very likable character as in Allen, the cop. And Jimmy, he's just great. I didn't understand the twist with his father though and the reading of the ritual and witchcraft book. It felt like that was just thrown in there to throw the reader off. Also the chase to find Randy at the end felt overdone. I think the book should have ended in the house when they found Cathy and Robert. The extra killings felt like too much and over the top for the little retarded boy. Over all, this was a good book, I don't feel I wasted my time with this book but I do feel a little in shock. Read the book, you'll enjoy it
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Guest More than 1 year ago
Little is outstanding. The last 100 pages are unstopable. There are a few plot lines that don't add up (Bentleys usual 'take it or leave it' mentality with regards to the Editors and editing) but otherwise the book is a great horror/thriller. I have yet to find a pulp horror author, outside of Little, that comes through everytime. ...(except Dispatch, that one stunk).