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4.8 9
by Poppet

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Dusan is on a feeding frenzy after twenty-five years of hibernation. As a soul eater, he cannot kiss without killing.

He crosses paths with Aine while being hunted by the Phoenician priest Gregori, and soon discovers Aine is also on the hit list. Falling for the witch fast, while trying to discover why she's also marked for death, the ultimate soul eater's

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Dusan 4.9 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 9 reviews.
LauraO More than 1 year ago
Of the 325 books I have downloaded on my nook, none can compare to Dusan in terms of plot originality. I decided to read it not based on the B&N description, but on the quality of the other books I have read by Poppet. The description really doesn't do it justice. It's one of the better paranormal romances that I have read this year. This book is not for the type of romance reader who enjoys phrases such as "Throbbing Loins". This is for a slightly edgier audience. I am looking forward to reading the rest of Poppet's novels in the next week or so!
treetx More than 1 year ago
ShaylaP More than 1 year ago
You might think this is a vampire story, but you'd be wrong. Dusan is something else entirely; a Soul Eater. We jump right into this story, along with the main character. He's just woken up after a long period of sleep, here, in the present day. As Dusan catches up on what has happened when he was asleep, he finds himself disoriented by the time and place. He begins to do what we fear, he hunts. We are terrified for his victims. We just know he is a vampire...but he's not. And now the reader is perplexed too. Who IS Dusan? What IS Dusan? Why does he take souls? Poppet gives us just enough information to make us crave more. We can't put the book down! There are clues, here and there that make us both like, fear, and even cautiously sympathize with this "soul eater." We may be wary of Dusan, but there are darker characters here. We meet Gregori and he terrifies us. And then we are introduced to Aine; innocent, mysterious, and perhaps not as vulnerable as she seems. There is a pull between Aine and Dusan that neither can escape. Erotic seduction, adrenaline charged danger, the fear of death...its all here. It feels like the author has literally painted the mood and texture with perfect dark, rich colors. The locale is the Northwestern United States and the geographical clues make it the perfect setting, playing to an amazing climax. This story is a true original. It will stir a place deep within you. 5 out of 5 stars!
ShaneParrish More than 1 year ago
Poppet has the ability to simplify descriptions while retaining the visual and emotional impact that is absolutely incredible. I cannot recommend this book any higher than at the top of the recommendation range. I think it is incredible. Anyone purchasing this will not be disappointed. Her characters are brilliant. Her story line keeps moving at a terrific pace that holds the reader prisoner until the very end. Superb writing. I give it a ten all the way across the board.
KillerSmile More than 1 year ago
I've read a number of books by this author now. Their work is unusual. The pace is guaranteed. This was another page turner, with a hot chick and good action scenes. If you like books you can't put down, this is one you'll dig.
Elaina89 More than 1 year ago
Dusan (pronounced Dooshun) awakes from long slumber to a world changed. As he grapples with the reality of our technological era, he also needs to rebuild his strength and appease an inner hunger...and to this end harvests the souls of innocents. He is an Angel of Death, but doesn't see himself as one. Dusan believes he is an Angel of Mercy...until he meets Aine, a human with a heritage, who tells him unequivocally that stealing the souls of the innocent does not help humanity attain a state of peace. Mercy would be removing the souls of the perverted, criminal and evil, thus allowing humanity to go forward without their influences. Aine is definitely more than she seems. I have read much of Poppet's work now. I love how she describes places, situations and emotions- all of it relates back to how we view our world- and this one certainly follows her recipe. Dusan kicks off in France with Dusan hurtling off the Eiffel to land in traffic, where 'burning clutch wafts' over him. We are instantly in the real world...with a soul-snatcher. How intriguing is that, I ask? And then I had to laugh over Dusan's later confusion about laptops- a device that never actually sits on a lap! This is a tale about saving our civilisation from evil and to that end Poppet has employed the rich and enigmatic history of our gods and angels and the mysteries of religion. This tale has serious undertones indeed. And profound in the manner in which Poppet forces us to look at what we regard as religion with fresh eyes. But Dusan is also a love story and the dynamics between Aine and Dusan make for voracious reading. Therefore seriously sexy also...go on, lay a hold of a copy and you'll see what I mean! Dusan is a read for those who adore a tale with a decidedly supernatural edge, while still experiencing the familiar of life as we know it, and don't mind the thrill of a romance with a decided edge. I would definitely recommend it...and right now Dusan heads to the top as my favoutite Poppet read.
SamTowle More than 1 year ago
If you're looking for a book that will grip you from start to finish then Dusan is the book for you. It's captivating and original; I was gripped from the very first line. I love Dusan - LOVE him! His 'no nonsense' attitude will draw you in ladies, believe me! I have read other books by Poppet and she writes with pure emotion, it literally pours out of the pages and Dusan was no different. It's descriptive to the point of almost poetic. The relationship between Dusan and Aine comes over as 'real', which is no easy feat when writing about characters who are in a very 'unreal' situation. Buy this book - you will not regret it.
jgoehl More than 1 year ago
This~Book~Was~Great!!! The Author messaged me and asked me if I would like to read her book and I am not sorry at all that I did. It was a little over 600 pages on my Nook. After I started reading it, before I knew it I was to page 100 then 200, and so on. From the description I thought this was going to be a vampire story and I will be the first to admit I was wrong. Dusan is a soul-eater, per say. To me it seems as it is written as Dusan's voice. Just a head's up...After a few chapters and with no warning, it just switched to Aine. I was a little confused but once I figured it out it was smooth sailing. Later in the book it will also switch to Zeb. I had a love hate relationship with Dusan. In the beginning he seemed like a loveable guy, then he got cranky on me, then back to loveable for a majority of the story, then back to cranky, then finally back to lovable. I really liked Anie and love how she shows Dusan and "his boys" the error of their "ways". Other than a few grammatical errors, the story flows very well and the descriptions are great. I was so sucked into this story I could hardly put it down and really loved how the author mixed in ancient day tones with a modern day tale. Take note there are quite a few sexual innuendo's throughout. am excited to read more by this author!
Anonymous More than 1 year ago