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Sgt. Bilko

Sgt. Bilko

4.5 2
Director: Jonathan Lynn

Cast: Steve Martin, Dan Aykroyd, Phil Hartman


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The classic 1955-59 sitcom The Phil Silvers Show (also known as "You'll Never Get Rich" in its first few episodes) became this high concept comedy with an all-star cast. Steve Martin stars as U.S. Army Master Sergeant Ernest G. Bilko, a conniving motor pool supervisor who uses his position to finance various get-rich-quick schemes, including illegal gambling,

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Sgt. Bilko 4.5 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 2 reviews.
Kenmore More than 1 year ago
This film was overlooked upon it's release and many of the critics who reviewed it were not too kind. And while I would agree it wasn't Steve Martin's best work, he does turn in a good performance in a funny film the entire family can enjoy. We start with comedian Darryl "Chill" Mitchell playing a private fresh out of bootcamp arriving at Fort Baxter. He's assigned to Sgt. Bilko's motor pool and quickly discovers that Bilko's entire company does everything except "Army" work. Between fooling the CO (a pudgy Dan Ackroyd) and failing to show for his upmteenth wedding attempt with his true love (a wonderful Glenne Headly), Bilko is on the highway to riches when his old nemises Maj. Thorn (a firey Phil Hartman) arrives. And when the failure of the experimental "hovertank" threatens to send Bilko to Greenland, Mitchell and crew step forward to save Bilko. Standard plot with an ending you can see a mile away, "Sgt. Bilko" is made enjoyable on the earnest performances of Martin and his rowdy crew, featuring some very memorable lines like "an indictment is not a conviction". A very funny trip to Las Vegas as well as a funny "flashback" involving a fixed boxing match. Add to it Austin Pendleton's pained, forlorn performance as the hapless hovertank engineer and you have a funny, family friendly film that can be enjoyed by the entire family. Tidbits: - The daughter of Phil Silvers (the original Sgt. Bilko) makes a cameo appearance, aside Chris Rock, as a Army accountant brought in by Maj. Thorn. - During the "horse vs. man" contest, we see that Sgt. Barbella has rarely smoked a cigarette before... - To be honest, there is a considerable amount of smoking (even Martin lights up a cigar in one scene) in the film. This movie was made at a time when cigar smoking in particular was becoming more "in vogue". And smoking is more common on military bases, so this shouldn't be surprising. - "Chill" Mitchell is particularly good here. Years later he was paralyzed in a motorcycle accident and still performs today, like on the recent Fox series, "Brothers".
Guest More than 1 year ago
This is the funniest movie i have ever seen! Steve Martain Is great!