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Emotional Freedom: Liberate Yourself from Negative Emotions and Transform Your Life

Emotional Freedom: Liberate Yourself from Negative Emotions and Transform Your Life

4.3 107
by Judith Orloff

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Do you feel as if you're held hostage by your own unpredictable emotions or those of the people around you? Do you feel exhausted and emotionally drained by demands on you and your time? Are you ready for a change but aren't sure how to begin? New York Times bestselling author Dr. Judith Orloff will help you gain happiness, serenity, and mastery over the negativity

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Emotional Freedom 4.3 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 107 reviews.
AnninBaltimore More than 1 year ago
If you are one of those people who has your buttons pushed more than you'd care to....this book is for you. If you thought you'd handled your "stuff" because you've talked about it for years, yet - it's still there.....this book is for you. If you're tired of dealing with it...this book is for you. The tail no longer needs to wag the dog.

Dr. Judith Orloff helps us understand how important it is to deal with all of our emotions. No need to ignore them or label them good or bad - just a need to acknowledge them and use them as tools of incredible transformation. Tools that will awaken our intuitive powers if only we pay attention.

Because she shares her own journey so willingly, you'll realize how common our deepest fears and worries are. And, you'll benefit from the numerous practices throughout the book that will help you listen to yourself, feel what's really going on, and open your heart.

Learn how to make the shift...and, let your transformation begin.
S_Glenn More than 1 year ago
Okay, can all this "look deep into yourself" for the answers to improve your life really work? I've come to know that the answer is "YES!" I've read Judith's two previous books on the subject and have found myself mentally and physically in a much better place than I was I few years ago. However, I'm still grappling with a lot of emotional baggage that likes to interfere with my daily life, but with Judith's new book, Emotional Freedom, she's given me some new insights on how to look at my own problems from a different perspective... which is so desperately needed when you're stuck in your own sh*t. Being an "intellectual" emotional type, my negative self-talk seems to be always on and it chips away at all of the good feelings I have. I like how with her help through this book, I've mapped out a better way to balance my life's emotional stresses. Thanks again Judith!
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
I have found Dr. Orloff's style and presentation right "on the button" for the material in this book. The usefulness of this material is so timely in this day and age. There is much to be gained, I feel, by every person because we have to deal with so much and sometimes it is so difficult.
John_DeVore More than 1 year ago
Judith, Thanks for Emotional Freedom!! From my perspective your work is risky, absolutely necessary and directly on target: good for individuals, relationships, families and collectives, globally, today and for generations to follow. Awareness and presence for the self as person and others; shining light on the delusion of a permanent self; acceptance of innate human selfish desire and persistent will to be, to improve, to accumulate, to exist, to become, to grow more and more; and neutralizing negative emotions is a giant step forward for all of us. Simply, just sit and help others. Again, thank you for your work: the unifying theme...the four major components of emotions (biology, spirituality, energetic power and psychology) is quite insightful and a marvelous sharing. John Edwin DeVore, Ph.D. (Sitting in the Flames, Amazon.com, 2006)
LovingLifeinAZ More than 1 year ago
Dr. Orloff's work is so helpful in this time of financial and emotional turmoil. As an intuitive myself, I like the way she connects the mind and body on a very deep level. Her work is very progressive in the field of psychiatry, and she gives us all, great solutions, on how to solve deep emotional issues. This book couldn't have been published at a better time and I really want to thank Judith from the bottom of my heart for touching me in a way that has helped me to get through each day! I will recommend this book to anyone and everyone that I know!
AmyinToronto More than 1 year ago
I am so very glad I picked this book up!! As soon as I did I cuoldn't put it down, and it has been such a good tool to get me through the tough "winter blahs" season and has changed my attitude on life going forward~ Thank you!
Yocheved_Golani More than 1 year ago
Using your gut feelings to figure out life and what you should do about it is the hallmark of Dr. Orloff's Intuitive Healing practice. The popular psychiatrist's newest book, Emotional Freedom: Liberate Yourself from Negative Emotions and Transform Your Life teaches her readers how to transform their self-sabotaging tendencies in order to become free to live, to love, to forgive and to progress. The charm of Dr. Orloff's works is that she is not a dull writer tossing off clichés and boring bromides. She shares poignant and sometimes humorous insights into her own world of struggling with emotional issues, letting us know that she's as human as the rest of us. In this book she describes how she tunes in to her intuitive powers so that readers can do the same (see her videos for more examples of this). Intuition lets the author, her clients and readers better grasp what distresses or de-stresses them and what they ought to do to improve the quality of their lives. Dr. Orloff's prose is simple to understand, clearly presented in manageable chunks of information and practice instructions. When she explains how to "Reprogram the Biology of Jealousy" on pages 309-314, readers gain high impact insight and Action Step instructions for defeating some high stakes drama. The author explains that "Jealousy and envy are endemic to high school, a Petri dish for these emotional microbes." In a few paragraphs she demonstrates how to bolster self esteem and optimize human biology for bypassing present or long-ago sadness that can last a lifetime. The delightful achievements that Orloff and her clientele make by using the very advice she gives to her readers bring smiles to many faces reading her books. In Emotional Freedom, she'll have you grinning in Seven Transformational Steps that can have you facing fear and building courage, facing frustration/disappointment and building patience, facing loneliness and building connections, and more. Yocheved Golani, Self-Help Coach
DrBrodar More than 1 year ago
Dr. Judith, I would like to thank you for taking the time and expending the energy to create and write this wonderful book on "Emotional Freedom." It is the very first text on the subject that I have read that I can fully relate to dealing with psychiatry. Your terms of emtional vampires are so appropriate. I want to start a home town small group study using your text as the spring board of discussion. So many people can benefit from your insight, humor, guidance and applications of recommended action steps. I don't know if it is because you are also a Capricorn or what. But I can relate so well to your writing style and your ability to express yourself. You have helped confirm that I'm not "crazy", and that there are others that do think like I do and that I'm on the right path. Have you entertained the thought of using the term "quantum psychiatry" to help with the concept of energy? Dr. Thomas S. Brodar, D.C., L.C.P. - rural Delphi, IN
Madeleine56 More than 1 year ago
In EMOTIONAL FREEDOM, Dr. Judith Orloff has painstakenly shown all of us how to "liberate yourself from negative emotions and transform your life." Yet, importantly, this isn't just for each of us as individuals; but we have what she calls "a bond with one another, and with the world," which we need to express through love rather than negativity so, as Einstein wrote, we won't fight World War IV with sticks and stones." This book is for all of us in another way: everyone will be able to find him or herself and receive extensive and profound guidance, depending on if you are an "empath," as I am, or, for example, "a rock"; and whether you need to transform frustration and disappointment into patience, as I do, or one or more of the other six transformations thoroughly described in the book. I was particularly affected when Judith would always include "the spiritual meaning." Also, while I read, she was right there with me: her true and powerful presence is evident throughout--and is the force that makes the book beautifully readable, understandable, and inspiring.
Jenn_Gibson More than 1 year ago
This is a must have for everyone!! The name says it all... I will definitely be recommending to all my friends and family. This book is a very useful tool that I will use repeatedly for years to come.
Yvonne-Margaret More than 1 year ago
After reading Dr. Judith's book I realized there was hope for my very good friend who fights continually for emotional freedom. I decided to share this book with her and found that we both received a great deal of information on how to achieve happiness through emotional freedom. For my friend, focusing on the positive has been a challenge and for me it has been defining my own space. How fortunate for us to have come across a book that would cater to both our needs. We read together, discuss each chapter and creat short term goals based on the information provided. We are achieving our goals of emotional freedom one page at a time. Thank you Dr. Judith.
Soya More than 1 year ago
This book is filled with help. Negative emotions are inevitable in life, and for so many of us they are difficult, overwhelming, even debilitating. Dr. Orloff has created a detailed road map out of our emotional traps. There's no one-size-fits-all solution in psychiatry, and knowing this, Dr. Orloff wisely gives us lots of stories, exercises, meditations, many different approaches to getting through a problem, all of which are clear and accessible. There are many self-help books available, but Dr. Orloff is the X factor that makes this one especially good. You feel she's on your side from page one. She's pulling for all her patients--those in her office or those who read her books--to get out there and live their lives to the fullest. I can tell I'll use this book for many years.
bookmomAL More than 1 year ago
Rarely does a book come along that goes beyond simply reading it and putting it on the shelf. Orloff's book, Emotional Freedom is more than a book....it is an essential life tool that I will have at my fingertips for years to come. She provides real strategies that help us to understand and to overcome negative emotions and truly be in control of our own happiness and joy. We often hear the phrase, "it isn't what happens to you, but what you do with what happens to you that matters." Thanks to Judith Orloff we now know HOW to make that truly a real concept in our lives. In today's world there are so many challenges we all face, and as parents they can be truly frightening and overwhelming. It is essential to learn real skills right now to cope with the emotions that come with these challenges. This is the only way to give our kids a strong role model for all of life's twists and turns. In learning to overcome toxic emotions and as Orloff calls them, "emotional vampires", we truly empower ourselves and ultimately our kids to live a life that is more free and filled with joy. I can't think of a better gift to give our kids and it is a commitment that every parent or anyone who has any influence or interactions with kids should make. If we make these changes in our lives and families starting right now, it will truly change the world! So get your copy and start making a real difference in ways that will come back to you and your family a hundred times over. Bravo Judith and thank you!
MARIEPMP More than 1 year ago
StephanieR More than 1 year ago
I recommend "Positive Engery" to all my clients, and now I have more tools to offer. Judith Orloff's newest book, "Emotional Freedom" is packed full of specific information that can help people free themselves of the old chains of self-imposed emotional bondage. She offers help, hope and lots of amazingly good advice, along with specific doable techiques. Once you read this book, you will feel empowered to claim your own "Emotional Freedom." Her writeing style is simple and direct and her insights invaluable. I recommend this book highly.
IraInPortland More than 1 year ago
Dr Judith Orloff has written a timely and compelling work that will change lives. In these days of emotional panic and chaos, Emotional Freedom is a treasured gift for strengthening health and wellness. Minutes after reading, I was able to place myself on a new path to disengage from pessimistic and judgmental thinking.
David_Gray96 More than 1 year ago
Judith Orloff MD's book EMOTIONAL FREEDOM is a thrilling vista for me insofar as she tackles the problems I and many people I know struggle with daily: anxiety, lack of patience, lonliness, control freaks, jealosy, low self-esteem, depression and finding a way out via compassion, connecting with others, achieving calm, understanding your dreams, using and trusting intuition (this has already helped me in daily life) and so much more. The depth and sensitivity of this book and its myriad advice is hard for me to summarize in this little space. I love the chapter breakdowns (7 transformations that speak to everyone I think) and the sub-chapter tables (which help clarify each point for future reference). My favorite chapter may be the one on Sleep and Dreams. Dealing first with insomnia and then moving onto dreams (which already opens with a beautifully inspiring title: "DREAMS AS OPPORUTUNIES FOR FREEDOM") Dr. Orloff goes into techniques and excercises on how to remember, explore, interpret, transform dreams -- to find the oracle and healing power of dreams within you. For me, it's a perfect blend of science, psychology and sprituality, spiced too by Dr. Orloff's anecdotes and humor throughout -- such a pleasure to read and learn from.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Dr. Orloff has assembled a kit of tools that are perfectly tailored for all of us to deal with the turbulent times we find ourselves in now. As she says in lectures and workshops we have a choice about the kind of life we will live and how we will be shaped and influenced by the events and circumstances we encounter each day. Emotional Freedom is a primer on how to deal with people, places and things that ordinarily sap us of our energy and vitality and provides useful "on the court" exercises and processes for embracing all that the universe brings us and learning the lessons we otherwise have avoided time and time again. In the challenging days, weeks, months and years we have before us Emotional Freedom is a written GPS system to inner peace, comfort and joy that will more deeply and profoundly connect us to our world.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
I absolutely enjoyed this new book. It touched me in many ways. I would recommend this book to anyone I know! Thank you Judith!
MrsWhyte More than 1 year ago
I would recommend this book to anyone who is looking for something positive to read and get them past these hard times in our economy in this economic meltdown. Definitely 5 stars plus!!!!!!!!!!
OldBob More than 1 year ago
This book is loaded with information and suggestions that I found very interesting and helpful. Even when it was technical it was easy to read. For example, she talked about the brain and systems in the body that are linked to stress, or the chemicals in the brain and body that are linked to mental emotional conditions. It all made sense and was interesting. There are a lot of suggestions to gain emotional freedom. I thought they were excellent. I also recommend a shorter book called EFFORTLESS WELBEING to get along with this one. They each have a different way of helping. I consider the effortless wellbeing book to be my favorite ever on wellness, but this EMOTIONAL FREEDOM title is also quite excellent. I'd say get them both and really do the stuff.
MEM1982 More than 1 year ago
This is a fantastic book! Dr. Orloff shows us that people from all walks of life really understand that to be negative and to let these feelings and thoughts control the way that we think act and react is not right and that there is a better way to face the negative situations and people that we encounter on a daily basis in our lives. Dr. Orloff is a great and caring Dr.,and woman who is making a difference at a time that is greatly needed. Thank you so much for your amazing work!
Darby_Davis More than 1 year ago
EMOTIONAL FREEDOM: Liberate Yourself From Negative Emotions and Transform Your Life written by Judith Orloff MD is the perfect book to come along at the perfect time. I couldn't put it down! We live in a tumultuous, fear-dominated period in history and must become masters at overcoming fear and other negative emotions so they don't sabotage our power. With skill and compassion, Dr. Judith Orloff shows us how to become heroes in out own lives by transforming anger, loneliness, and envy and more rather than simply "reacting" when our buttons get pushed. Part One of the book introduces you to the four components of emotions: their biology, spirituality, energetic power, and psychology. Understanding each component in yourself will lead to inner breakthroughs that aren't possible without seeing the whole picture. It offers a self-assessment test to evaluate your current level of emotional freedom so you can increase it practicing this book's principles. Dr. Orloff invites you into her romance with sleep and dreams as revolutionary states of consciousness. She also helps readers determine their "emotional type" including "the intellectual," and "the empath. "so they can make the most of their own finest qualities. As an empath, Dr. Orloff knows the gigantic challenges of being an "emotional sponge" and teaches other empaths who've been labeled "overly sensitive" how to stay grounded in an often-overwhelming world. You'll enjoy the "emotional vampire survival guide"--specific advice for dealing with emotional drainers. We've all met them. You're talking to someone, when suddenly you feel anxious, depressed, or tired. She describes the narcissist, the victim, the controller, and other types of vampires. Plus, there are quizzes to help you determine "Are you in a relationship with an emotional vampire?" or if you might be one yourself. Sometimes, we all have the capacity to be draining, but with mindful compassion we can catch ourselves early and make a shift. Part Two of the book offers a hands-on approach for facing the most prevalent negative emotions and building positive ones Each chapter is called a "transformation" in which you learn how to transform a negative emotion into its counterpoint. For instance, fear is transformed with courage, frustration with patience, and jealousy with self-esteem. Emotional Freedom is the rare book that can open your mind and your heart to more empowerment. Give yourself a gift and read it.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Emotional Freedom: Liberate Yourself from Negative Emotions and Transform Your Life, by Judith Orloff, comes at a perfect time, as most of us are experiencing at least some negative emotions in this economy. This is a big book--over 400 pages--and is a bit intimidating. However, Orloff encourages us to take our time reading,to take "baby steps." Orloff defines emotional freedom as: "It means increasing your ability to love by cultivating positive emotions and being able to compassionately witness and transform negative ones, whether yours or anther's." Orloff is the pioneer of what she calls Energy Psychiatry--blending traditional medicine, intuition, energy and dreams. She talks about our vital life force energy (or Chi, to the Chinese,) that flows through our body and is intuition. This energy is also all around us--so life force energy is within and without, affecting us. Part I "Tipping life power of emotional freedom," includes a self assessment test to compare before and after you do the work. She discusses the 4 components of freedom and the roles dreams play in our lives. Part II "Your tools for liberation," include a practical guide to dealing with the most difficult emotions. There is a quiz to help you determine what your emotional type is--the intellectual, the empath, the rock, the gusher. She discusses the pros and cons of each and how to find balance within each. The book includes advice on how to reprogram ourselves to build inner calm by facing anxiety and worry. As an eco-friendly Feng Shui designer, I really appreciate how she discusses energy and intuition--because both play a large role in my work. Orloff understands that life force energy (as well as negative energy,) surround us. I would recommend reading her book slowly with a book that influenced my practice: HARMONIOUS ENVIRONMENT: BEAUTIFY, DETOXIFY & ENENERGIZE YOUR LIFE, YOUR HOME & YOUR PLANET, because it will help you raise the energy in your home which will help alleviate stress and other negative emotions. I also recommend THE ART OF EXTREME SELF-CARE, because it teaches us to love ourselves--key in Orloff's work, as well.
Tommy_Rector More than 1 year ago
Knowing Judith Orloff MD's prior books SECOND SIGHT and POSITIVE ENERGY, both of which completely changed my outlook and attitude towards life for the brighter, I didn't hesitate to buy this book. But I know there are some skeptics out there who might think 'emotional freedom' is just a gimmick or a concept. Well I have to say that this book is almost like a work book for life it's so practical, a novel in all its stories and anecdotes, a reference book and encyclopedia about positive and negative emotions, a manifesto for compassionate, fully lived life, defeating those things that tend to wreck our lives, (the point being) from within: fear, anxiety, rage, impatience, insomnia... Mapping the psychology, biology, spirituality, and energy of emotions, Orloff presents steps to a possible self in which calm, generosity and goodwill soon begin to seem natural. One doesn't ever really have to feel helpless is one thing I've walked away with from EMOTIONAL FREEDOM. Why feel fear when you can shift it internally, awaken courage and take action? This stuff is very inspiring and down to earth. Her insights are by themselves simple and revelatory, and together have a profound effect on life. I can't recommend it highly enough. Liberation now!