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by Sherman Alexie

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Formally adventurous, emotionally and musically rich, Charles North's poetry has received numerous honors, including two NEA grants and four Fund for Poetry Awards. In Cadenza, he displays all the qualities that made James Schuyler call him "the most stimulating poet of his generation" and the Washington Post hail him as "one of the most memorable of

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Face 3 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 3 reviews.
Rainlee More than 1 year ago
It has been many years since I've found a book of Alexi's poetry, and when I found this I grabbed it. I was not disappointed. I was ecstatic. Alexie shows no fear when he writes. He isn't afraid to experiment with words or with form. He not only combines prose with his poetry (poetry with his prose?), he has even found a way to use footnotes! At first, I was disconcerted with this, but as I read, I realized he had written poems within poem! Stunningly brilliant. (It reminds me of the old Choose Your Own Adventure series I bought my kids.) I suggest you read the book before giving it to a child, no matter how precocious she might be, and be prepared to discuss whatever poems might come up in conversation, or you might be blindsided. Alexie writes poetry for the people, not the "intelligentsia," all of his poetry is accessible, and in this book, he even explains a bit about how he writes. This collection is personal; it's about fathers and sons—his father, he as father, his sons, all fathers, all sons. There will be sadness and perhaps tears. There will also be light and laughter, especially when his wife enters the poem. I hope we do not need to wait so long for the next collection.
Larry59 More than 1 year ago
"Sherman Alexie is America's wooden cigar store Indian." - unknown A quote I found on the internet I once hated and now believe. Mr. Alexie you used to be about something. The last time I heard you speak was in 2000 and it was remarkable. I've read most of your earlier books and have enjoyed them very much. And now in these past couple of years it's turned into this absurd eff this and eff that garbage every other sentence. You are not Bill Hicks. You are not Sam Kinison. You are Sherman Alexie. You've disappointed me. During those years of being away since Ten little Indians what happened to you? What would make you conjure up such a phony eff the world act. What sort of crap did you see, hear, or read in that time. It doesn't fit the Sherman Alexie I once heard all those years ago. What could it be? You've disappointed me. "I'm worried about young writers. I'm worried about new writers. I'm worried about the native kids out there that need my stories. And for just thirty dollars a book they too can escape the reservation of their minds." - Sherman A. Mr. Alexie. You used to be someone I could be proud of. And now. Your just America's wooden cigar store Indian.
Lindsey_Miller More than 1 year ago
Although Alexie's voice is largely the same throughout the poems, it works better in the graphic novel/fiction version of his coming of age self. It's not that Face is bad per se, but it's not great. However, even Alexie himself acknowledges that his poetic ability may not be of the top caliber, but he wants to express himself and makes no apologies. That said, it's not entirely a book that I would recommend kids younger than 15 read. Many of the poems deal with Alexie as an adult, and again, he makes no apologies for the content. I will say, though, that all of the poems dealing with him as a child, or his adult self dealing with elements from his childhood are excellent poems and would be more interested for a younger audience. - Lindsey Miller, lindseyslibrary.