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The Fallen Angel (Gabriel Allon Series #12)

The Fallen Angel (Gabriel Allon Series #12)

4.3 208
by Daniel Silva

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Art restorer, assassin, spy—Gabriel Allon returns in The Fallen Angel, another blockbuster espionage thriller from #1 New York Times bestselling author Daniel Silva. The acclaimed author of Portrait of a Spy, Silva (“a world class practitioner of spy fiction” —Washington Post) is an undisputed master of the genre

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Fallen Angel 4.3 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 208 reviews.
Thecelticdragon More than 1 year ago
In Gabriel Allon's world, a world of art restoration and beauty, lies an undertone of the spy he once was for the Mossad, where life is precious. While working in the Vatican, a young female Curate falls from near the top of the Basilica. Only in Gabriel's world would a Catholic priest ask him to "look around, but don't ask too many questions". I believe they have the wrong person! Gabriel is not noted for being lowkey; wherever he is bodies seem to just drop out of the sky. Part of the puzzle is what the curator was working on, and who it was for. It could be related to a terrorist group, or the Mob. Or even worse, Hezbollah, which would cheerfully wipe Israel off the face of the earth. Our favorite characters from Silva's previous books are present to assist Gabriel, Air Sharom, Uzi Navot, and the new leader of the Mossad Eli Lavon. OF all Daniel Silva's 15 novels, this is by far the best, and while it builds on his other novels, this masterpiece stands alone.
ScottBrazil More than 1 year ago
I won't go over the plot line, etc. since you can get all of that from the product detail and other reviews. But as someone who has read all of Daniel's novels, I would rate this one up there right at the top (The Defector is still my all-time favorite, but this one is very, very, very close). What I especially liked about this installment of the Gabriel Allon series was that the characters seemed more alive and vivid then perhaps any of the previous books. As always, the reader feels like they are really in the locations of the action, which includes a couple of my favorite places: Rome and Jerusalem. And as is also always the case with a Silva novel, the story is based on current events that Daniel has researched extensively. Also, I should add that, unlike some thrill writers, Daniel actually uses the English language very well - clear, yet elegent. All-around, this book is as close to perfect as one could hope for!!
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Oh WOW! "The Fallen Angel" is another spine-tingling, spell-binding installment in the Gabriel Allon series. I thoroughly enjoy Mr. Silva's work because the stories are absolutely gripping, but his research is so thorough that I always come away feeling that I know more about art and the politics of the Middle East than I did going in, and this book is another strong example of that research. The descriptions of the religious sites in Jerusalem and St. Peter's Basilica are captivating. The plot speeds along, but Mr. Silva never tips his hand as to what the climax of the story will be, which kept me reading for about 8 hours straight. I am only sad that I can't read it again for the first time, and would recommend it to anyone who likes a thriller! If you take it to the beach, put on your sunscreen before you start reading, because you WILL forget once you become engrossed in the story.
lori58LD More than 1 year ago
Just finished reading 'Fallen Angel'. I thought Daniel Silva's last Allon book could not be topped, but I was wrong. He made it very easy to visualize Allon as he goes from one place to another. I enjoy the history he gave - even when he took literary license. His discriptions of the paintings, streets, and all the surroundings that Allon encountered. I have read many authors that write esponize and dectetive books. Daniel Silve is way above all of them. Thank you for your intellect, research and writings.
Spurs4life More than 1 year ago
With The Fallen Angel Daniel Silva has another spy thriller masterpiece on his hands. Not only is the writing exceptional but the story line and character development are fantastic. I started reading this genre of books by starting at the beginning with Daniel's books and none of them disappoint. The only problem is that after 3 days of reading I now have to wait another year for the next installment of the Gabriel Allon series. Thank you for another amazing book.
Barnesd More than 1 year ago
Reading a Daniel Silva novel featuring the character Gabriel Allon is like meeting up with old friends. As an Israeli spy and Art Restorer, Allon's adventures take on a familiar tone with this one starting with the restoration of a Carevaggio painting in the Vatican. When a curator from the Antiquities Division falls to her death in the Basilica, Gabriel is called on to investigate the suspicious death. Like the chiaroscuro of the Carevaggio, Gabriel's team uncovers the layers of a plot that takes the action from Rome to Vienna, Denmark and home to Jerusalem and the uncovering of a link between the Vatican and a terrorist plot that would ignite a third Intifada. Silva's series may follow a familiar formula but along the way the quick pace of the action and the real life reality of the World stage makes his novels totally engrossing and deeply satisfying. Through Gabriel's character Silva makes it clear that for the spy there is no easy retirement as long as the world still need his skills to keep us safe. This is a wonderful addition to the series and a must read for long time fans.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Could not put it down!
JudiP More than 1 year ago
I'm pausing from reading The Fallen Angel just long enough to add my 5 star rating. I would give it 25 stars if I could!!! As are all Daniel Silva's Gabriel Allon books, The Fallen Angel is riveting!!! The pace is fast, the characters unforgetable and the events so realistic it's scary. I recommend buying/reading the entire series...you will want to go back and read them again.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Starting this story was, for me, like 'going home again'. The characters that I hold so dear - Gabriel first and foremost - are back in action, and there's plenty of that. I think one of the things that I most love about Daniel Silva's storytelling is that he puts me "RIGHT THERE" - right in Venice, right in Jerusalem, right in the Vatican, right in London or Paris or Switzerland - it's in the details that he provides, without going overboard on them. He offers some of the histories, some of the formative events, while interlacing actual current events, weaving them into tales that cannot be put down, cannot be 'not read'. Whereas in many action stories, I might skip paragraphs or even chapters of 'stuff' like "why this person is what and how he is" - to get to the meat of the story, in Daniel Silva's stories the 'meat' is front and center - it IS Gabriel and his art work and his whole 'family' of characters and I read EVERY WORD. It's ALWAYS "all about THEM". This story also interwove Italy and the Vatican mysteries and actions; and while I realise that this book IS fiction, there is SO MUCH research and knowledge in the pages that I (a disabled person who does not travel), AM THERE. This series of Silva's is my VERY FAVOURITE of all the action/spy/thriller series that I voraciously consume; Gabriel is my brother, Chiara a sister, Ari Shamron a favourite uncle - I hurt when they hurt, and I hurt when I read of the life that Israelis must really live, surrounded by the merciless jihadists and Hezbollah. I could never go there in person - but I can BE THERE, thanks to Daniel Silva and Gabriel and company. If you are looking for an incredible action story, weaving art restoration through the Vatican through the Islamic terrorist societies, while maintaining the heart and soul of Gabriel and his group, then this book is for you. It is SO realistic it's uncanny at times. My one caveat would be that if this is to be your first Gabriel book, buy ALL of them and read them in order - it will blow you away, especially with "The Fallen Angel" as your "dessert"!
jerry-bedrin More than 1 year ago
With Silva's Fallen Angel you don't only get an International Adventure but as a bonus you get both an education in art and middle east affairs Welcome Home Gabriel Congratulations Daniel
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
I could not get into this book....read about 75 pages and quit.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Daniel Silva brings his characters to life in novels relevant to what is happening in our world I do have to say this is his most captivating novel in the world of Gabriel Allon yet! A must read! Barb H. Algonquin, Il
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
I have thoroughly enjoyed the Allon series and am pleased that they keep getting better and better. Can't wait for thr)e next one! Silva is one of my all time favorite authors, beautiful descriptions that make you feel you are actually there witnessing events occur. The entire series is a "must-read".
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
The description of the subject is not needed here. We are again in the most wonderful Italian Renaissance Art History world and the never ending situation between the Israelis and their forever enemies. Daniel Silva is as always describing the whole truth and nothing but the truth. Gabriel Allon and his friends are our problem solvers as usual. May God bless them and bring peace to the world. Thank you Daniel for bringing again my 2 favorite subjects into your story. My love for Italian Renaissance Art History and my love for Israel.
scorpion56 More than 1 year ago
Another Silva Masterpiece As with all the other installments of the Gabriel Allon series, this was a hugely entertaining, fast paced and all too plausible read. The meshing of history with current world events was exquisitely rendered. The characters feel like family by this point. While Fallen Angel can be read as a stand-alone thriller, it is so much more satisfying to have read the preceding installments due to the blink-of-an-eye allusions to previous books in the series scattered throughout this story. One of the many reasons that I enjoy Daniel Silva's books is that they demonstrate how events from decades, centuries or even millennia in our past still have a profound effect on the current geopolitical state of affairs. Unlike many other thriller or historical fiction writers, the plots and "twists" he weaves are very credible. As I read Fallen Angel, I got the strong sense of a world weary Gabriel and wondered how he'd have the strength to pull this caper off. I held out as long as I could before buying and then diving into Fallen Angel, because I knew how disappointed I'd be at the prospect of having finished it. Maybe a re-read? I always look forward to the next Gabriel Allon installment, am completely amazed at the quality of writing and believability of the plot while immersed in the book, then look forward to the next one. Write quickly, Daniel. Write quickly.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Good book in the series. Enjoy the series.
mkbrsm More than 1 year ago
Highly recommend this book. It is fantastic. I could hardly put ir down. It's worth your time
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
I love Daniel Silva's Gabriel Allon series, and Fallen Angel is the best installment by far. I especially appreciate the many layers of Gabriel, and every book the writer reveals a little more. Ari, Uzi, Eli, Chiara, they are like comfortable old friends I get to know better. Gabriel is a restorer of many things, not just art master pieces, yet he remains broken himself. Thank you, Daniel Silva, for bringing to life such wonderful characters, I cannot wait for the next book.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
I highly recommend this book
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
excellent book
miss_dobie More than 1 year ago
Anything written by Daniel Silva is exciting and beyond a great value in a reading experience. His characters are human and make you want to be friends with them. His stories are fast-paced and exciting. And even tho Gabriel Allon is a spy, Daniel Silva writes in such a way that anyone can easily follow along and understand what's going on and why. Gabriel is one of the most famous characters ever written about and we never want his story to end. The stories are so well written that you have finished the book before you know it. And to say that Daniel Silva is one of the greatest writers of our time, is probably a very big understatement. His writing is fluid and flawless and easy to read. You never have to read a sentence twice. If you haven't already read a Daniel Silva story, you are truly missing out on a great reading experience.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Could not put it dwn!
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Douglas-C More than 1 year ago
I consider myself a life long connoisseur of this genre and this is a masterwork!