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Faustus Resurrectus

Faustus Resurrectus

2.5 2
by Thomas Morrissey

Unholy murder is just the beginning of the ritual...

When Donovan Graham, newly-graduated occult scholar, helps the NYPD investigate a man killed by scorpions in a midtown hotel, he learns the world is far stranger and deadlier than his studies ever suggested. Evidence forces his academic skepticism to give way to astonished belief that ancient evil exists, and

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Faustus Resurrectus 2.5 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 2 reviews.
Kultain More than 1 year ago
I want to fight whoever would recommend this book to anyone. If you are a fan of Harry Dresden and or Felix Castor, or hell, if you're a fan of that schlock that Simon Greene writes, STAY AWAY FROM THIS BOOK. The novel opens with our hero cockily receiving his masters degree Hermeneutics, which he lamely passes off for "the search for the truth in all things" OK, I bit, I went with it--the opening chapters showed promise. But when we actually get into the plot, it's like the author did all of his research on the occult on Wikipedia. The very idea of writing a novel about a Satanic cult in 2012 is just plain sad. In a genre where we have Mike Carey's entire pre-apocalyptic living/dead shared world, and Jim Butcher's canon of Faith based magic vs. The Knights of the Blackened Denarius, among other more original flavors of evil, this reads like something a youth pastor would write to keep his church goers from reading actual adult urban fantasy. Our Hero goes from getting his Masters and being a bartender who is dating an assistant district attorney to literally fighting Satanic mass murderers and swinging over a shark tank within the first 75 pages. From the cliche priest mentor to just how readily everyone accepts this guy as a credible investigator, to just the really trite and hackneyed descriptions of the world, this book just made me angrier and insulted my intelligence with every chapter. Every character is so stereotypical, and just so...ugh. Really the more I think about the time I wasted on this the more disgusted I get. Do yourselves a favor and read Mike Carey, Jim Butcher and hell Brian O'Malley too if you want fresh urban fantasty/dark fantasy. Notice how many times I mention these other authors? With the exception of Simon Greene, they're the ones you should be reading. I really should have been tipped off by the horribly pedantic blurb that felt the need to tell me who Christopher Marlowe was.
JHines More than 1 year ago
This is a really interesting book: God and the Devil, good and evil, oceans of blood, classical scholarship and questions about the nature of reality. Warning: this is a bad book if you want mindless entertainment. Or if religious references make you want to run screaming to the ACLU.