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Finding Out About Dinosaurs

Finding Out About Dinosaurs

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by Elin Kelsey

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Finding Out About Dinosaurs, the second book in the Science Explorers series, takes a fresh look at some of the most mysterious and popular creatures to ever walk the earth.

What makes dinosaurs harder to study than any other animal in the world? For one thing, they've been extinct for millions of years. No one has ever seen a living dinosaur.

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Finding Out About Dinosaurs 5 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 1 reviews.
Guest More than 1 year ago
I've just finished reading, 'Finding Out About Dinosaurs' by Elin Kelsey. The book is a short, easy read and very informative. The cover shows paleontologists on a dig putting a plaster cast around a dinosaur fossil to safely transport it. Pointed out in the book are little know facts about dinosaurs and the meticulous work and long time it takes to assemble knowledge about these creatures of long ago. Also in the book are pictures of dinosaur 'poop' which tells much about the flora and fauna,etc of 65 million plus years ago. Practically every page has a picture or illustration and side-bar which brings to life the dinosaurs and explains clearly what is taking place. On page 11 is a photo of the now famous Tyrannosaurus rex named 'Sue'. Page 35 shows a fossillized feather. Could that be the feather of a dinosaur? After reading this book one comes away knowing much more about those creatures of yesteryear and the researchers trying to fit the many pieces of the puzzles together. I recommend this book highly. Thank you...Don Bieber