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Fix Me

Fix Me

3.8 7
by Rune Michaels

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Orphaned as a child, terrorized by her abusive brother, and haunted by memories, Leia feels exposed, powerless, and vulnerable. When her tormented mind can stand it no longer, she escapes to the zoo, where she finds shelter and seeks refuge. The zoo is a sanctuary: a protective space for families, and a safe place for the traumatized to forget. But can she ever

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Fix Me 3.9 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 7 reviews.
TeensReadToo More than 1 year ago
Leia doesn't remember what it's like to feel safe. Maybe back before the accident and the death of her parents, but even those memories are scarred by a secret too awful for words. Even though her aunt tries to provide a safe home, Leia's brother, Brian's, anger always seems to find her. Yes, maybe she invites it sometimes, but it seems that she is broken and can't control the impulse to add to her pain. When Leia accidentally discovers that Brian is a cutter, too, she thinks perhaps this common bond will change his feelings toward her. However, in her heart she knows nothing is likely to change, and when she is confronted by the stranger who claims to know her and her story, she makes a sudden decision to run. Leia ends up in the only place that offers her peace - the zoo. Her fascination with elephants leads her there. Her dreams of the gentle power of the huge animals and their ability to protect as well as destroy draw her to the elephant enclosure. After a day spent watching these amazing creatures, Leia is determined to find a way to stay at the zoo indefinitely. It takes two days for someone to discover her illegal living arrangements. Kyle is the son of the zoo director. He confronts Leia but doesn't learn much about her or the reason for her presence. He does see her as an answer to his problem - endless chores assigned by his mother as punishment for his habit of hanging with the wrong crowd. Together, Kyle and Leia form a team. She helps him with his chores and covers for him so he can escape his mother's supervision, and he keeps quiet about her living in the zoo. The arrangement is nearly perfect. Leia is able to spend time up close and personal with the animals she loves in return for food, clothing, and a place where she finally feels safe. However, like anything too good to be true, she eventually must face her brother and the reality that she doesn't really belong. When her situation begins to crumble and she must face the memories of her past, she finds she has a tougher skin than she imagined, both literally and figuratively. Author Rune Michaels paints a stark picture of an abusive family and the devastating toll on its victims. Readers are sure to sympathize with Leia as they observe her gentle care and appreciation of the animals at the same time as they witness her fear of returning to her broken life.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
A must read for girls suffering with depression, sibling abuse, sexual abuse, death, anything horrible really. Interesting writing style and a worth it read.
Literary_VixenAP More than 1 year ago
This story was engrossing and I was completely enthralled by the author’s gripping way with words. It follows the life of a teenager named Leia, though we are never told her real name, and her tumultuous life. Enduring frequent violent abuse from her twin brother Brian and a loveless Aunt who barely tolerates them until they are 18. Their parents are dead, but the trauma they have left behind penetrates so deep, the twins are left shattered. One day, unable to bear the scars of the past any longer when a strange man reminds her of it, Leia runs away to the one place she can find solace, the elephant enclosure at a nearby zoo. Living in the zoo and eventually befriending the owner’s son Tyler, she attempts to piece together what remains of her fragile existence. The story was sad but addictive. I felt for Leia, hoping she would find the answers to life that she was looking for. The past comes in pieces and small flashes of memory, never detailing exactly what happened to tear these twins into pieces, but you get the gist of something horrible committed by their father, involving pictures that circulate in the world now. Understandably, Leia and Brian have not coped well and the road to healing the damage is long and often bleak. Leia discovers peace in her new home, a sanctuary of sorts at the Pilgrim Zoo, feeding the elephants and befriending an abused chimp named Tina. Though the zookeepers discover soon enough that she has been living there, Leia’s slow transformation into a more confident and strong individual is essential to her moving on and out of the zoo. I know people will be upset by the abrupt ending, left wanting and scratching their heads on what happened. I didn’t find it too bad though. Damage like the kind these twins suffered takes years to overcome, and the ending reflected that well. I highly recommend this read, a psychological look at what can happen in the aftermath of child abuse. It is not graphic, but features mature themes.
ABookZilla More than 1 year ago
This book is about a stereotypical depressed girl. The whole book is just about her whining about how awful her life is. It's totally unrealistic. Not to mention the story line is vague and builds up to absolutely nothing, utterly INFURIATING me! By the end of the book I just wanted to punch the main character. The ending doesn't explain anything, and just leaves you hanging. Don't waste your money.
bookworm73MC More than 1 year ago
who ever read this book please xplain it to me. the rest of the book was amazing and i love the main character!!! *spoiler alert!!!* did her dad sexually abuse her and her brother and take pics is tht the picture the man showed her? im alil confused on tht part pleaase help me
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Anonymous More than 1 year ago