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For the Love of a God

For the Love of a God

4.4 16
by Rosanna Leo
Keeping her crush on the god of love secret may be harder now that he’s become the director of the museum where she works. Convincing her that he’s a myth become real will be harder than he thought. But convince her he must, before they’re both destroyed by an evil goddess bent on revenge.

Conservator Maia Douglas is an expert on ancient

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For the Love of a God 4.4 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 16 reviews.
Queenbethanny More than 1 year ago
Eryx, God of Love, languishing away disguising himself as a human Greek antiquities expert, Eric Lord, meets darling, haphazard mortal Maia, an antiquities restorer in the Toronto museum. Eryx has been been on the downlow for centuries hiding from Nemesis's ugly vengeance on anyone he tries to love. Maia has been "worshiping" at Eryx's statue at the museum for years now. Love and Lust between them blossoms fast. They have to stay one step ahead of Nemesis for fear of reprisal against Maia. Together, with the help of a few from the Pantheon, Nemesis is defeated and Maia & Eryx are free to pursue their love of a lifetime. (For those of you who like their romance spicy, this is a book for you.)
WolfFaerie17 More than 1 year ago
Book exchanged for an honest review:Conservator Maia Douglas is an expert on Ancient Greece and its mythology working in Toronto Museum. Maia's secret wish is to be loved by God of Love Eryx little does Maia know she's about to get her wish. Eryx posing as Eric Lord, known for shake ups in the museum world, has plans for The Toronto Museum. There is just one little hiccup in his plans~Maia. Eryx never expected to feel what he does for Maia after just one kiss. Eryk knows that he shouldn't care for Maia as he does because Nemesis will strike. Dionysus tells Eryx to move on yet can see that he's haunted by the past and full of guilt to boot. Nemesis bides her time waiting for Eryx to see the error of his ways. Will Maia's life be the same? Will Eryx's life be the same? Will Nemesis strike? Will Eryx fight for what he wants? Your answers await you in For the Love of a God. I have to say that I love books about mythology because they fascinate me like no other kind of book can. Ms. Leo has created a cleverly rich story full of tragedy, angst, love, and most of all hope. Maia's beauty is more than skin deep as well as rich bright character. Eryx is our tragic hero and alpha male scarred by his past and guilt. Ms. Leo's writing style is bold and crisp also another of my favorite page/chapter turners. I will continue reading this fascinating series along with the rest of Ms. Leo's works.
Sissy1812 More than 1 year ago
I absolutely found this book to be adorable. It was a quick, fun, and delightful read. In the beginning of the book you have the Greek Gods Dionysus and Eryx bickering to each other that the god of wine “Dionysus” spends too much time gallivanting around with his booze and ladies, while the god of love “Eryx” wastes his time posing as mortals in the human realm pretending to be either a museum curator, professor, writer, or archaeologist. He just wants to ensure that the humans are doing the Greek Gods justice by making sure they have all their facts straight about their “myths” and handle their treasures properly. – Reading the first chapter alone I knew that I loved Ms. Leo's humor and that this was going to be an entertaining read. This time Eryx decides to take on the role of becoming the new director of The Toronto Museum. He thought that since it's in the middle of renovations and that they have a nice sized inventory of Greek valuables, they could use his help. I fell in love with him very easily from the descriptive words the author uses to describe him (swooooon) and his charming personality/attitude. The things he says to Maia will make your heart flutter a lot! Maia Douglas is a funny, witty, quirky, dorky, awkward and beautiful girl who is a curator at the Toronto Museum. Her father Dr. Jim Douglas is a famous archaeologist who'd founded most of the Greek collection housed in this museum so this is basically Maia's second home. Word is getting around that the new Director Eric Lord will be arriving soon and that he is pretty ruthless when it comes to “cleaning house”. It's no secret that she's very fond of the Greek statue Eryx The God of Love in the Greek section of the museum, so when the God himself walks in the museum in his mortal guise as Eric Lord, I'd love to have seen the look on her face thinking the man of her dreams has come true! I loved this character and immediately identified with her for her awkwardness and loved that she was passionate for things others would deem her for being a geek. More people need to be like this instead of thinking they need to hide what they love doing from others!! There were some great lines/thoughts in this book that had me laughing out loud and rereading them after I'd stopped laughing just to start laughing again.. -“Last I heard he was farming cattle somewhere.” He rolled his eyes. “He's always been curiously fond of cows.” – Talking about the Greek God Zeus -Death by chicken wing seemed like such a strange way to go. – Maia -Maia had seen a lot of flamboyant gay bars. This one was flaming hotter than a pink flamingo on fire. Will definitely recommend this to a friend and continue on with the series, Thanks Rosanna Leo for a great read:)
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
I got this book for free in exchange for a honest review and I have to say that...(drumroll) I actually liked it! The book was easy to read and as realistic as a book with gods can get. I liked the characters very much. Overall a good read.
cathydianeb More than 1 year ago
 Maia loves her job at the museum as conservator. She  actually loves her job a bit much, well one of the statues. She has an infatuation with Eryx  the God of Love. A new  museum  head is coming in with a bad reputation for  cleaning house.   When Eric meets Mai he  tries to  keep his feelings in check but can't  He knows if he  even acts like he may fall in  love  with anyone Nemesis will kill them so he has to live eternity alone. Does Eryx fall in love with Maia? Can she ever believe  who he really is? Will Nemesis intervene? I'm not telling! you will have to buy the book and see but you wont be sorry. I absolutely loved this book. It  was fast paced, funny, sweet and extremely  hot. The story was  suspenseful leaving you on the edge of your seat trying to figure out if Eryx will tell  Mai or who Nemesis really is. The twists and turns were breathtaking as was the sex.  This is a must read if you want something to make you laugh smile and sigh.  Recommendations: If you like museums, Nerdy girls get the hunky guys, and Greek Gods, This is definitely one you will not want to miss.
IAmy More than 1 year ago
I received this book free for an honest review. All in all I liked this book. Wanted to like it more, but there was just something missing, don't know...can't put my finger what exactly it is thou. It just didn't sweep me away. The story moved at a decent pace, I liked the leads, and there was lots of steamy parts. Plenty of action, self sacrifice and good triumphing over evil. If I could have I would have given it 3 1/2 stars. It is a short fun read, perfect for an afternoon escape. Thank you for giving me the opportunity to read and review your story.
ELSACARRION More than 1 year ago
WARNING, THIS STORY WILL LEAVE YOU DROOLING AND HUNGRY FOR A MAN LIKE ERIC! Title: For the Love of a God Author: Rosanna Leoams Format: eBook about 161 pgs Genre: Paranormal Greek Mythology Romance Cover: Well done 4 stars Series: No, Stand alone Main Characters: Maia & Eric I love to read stories that include Greek Mythology and this story was not a disappointment. I read it in one sitting and found an author I will definitely be following and reading more of her books. I loved Maias’ character she is witty, nerdy but not naïve, she is smart and beautiful but still a little shy, you couldn’t help but like her. As for Eric…what is there not to like just look at the cover, but what you don’t see is that he is tender, loving, and a little cave like and very well blessed and gifted in certain areas!!! The story flowed so well I could not put the book down. Time flew by and I hated the story to end. The story had me laughing, sighting and drooling. I like her writing style and all the crazy hilarious lines that Maias’ character came up with. Especially when she got nervous and her mouth would get verbal diarrhea. Lines like “Eric’s manhood shoot up like one of Poseidon’s dolphins, shooting toward the surface of the water” among others, had me rolling. Love them all, hilarious!! I recommend For the Love of a God to older Teens and adults. The story has a couple of scenes that might be considered for mature audiences which might have one fanning and saying “oh my”. This is a very light, humorous and charming story with a very happy ending. I received a complimentary copy of this book in exchange for my honest opinion and review.
Evanlea More than 1 year ago
This book is about the Greek god Eryx. After the goddess Nemesis was turned down by him, she decided that she loved him and he would pay for turning her down. After many loses in love, Eryx decides to be celibate and help mortals conserve the Greek god/goddess history, until he meets Maia. This is a story of building love, learning the true meaning of love and sacrifice, and how to believe in the things you can't touch. I really enjoyed this story. The characters were well developed. I wanted to read more. **Possible Spoiler** My only criticism of the book -- and it's more a personal preference than a criticism -- is that in some parts I kept expecting something to come later in the story to explain certain facts. For example, what happened to Maia's mom, why was Maia dreaming of Chloe, and maybe a bit more about the time when Eryx was with Nemesis and what Maia was dealing with (one minute she's catatonic the next she's back at work - it just seemed too fast)?
adamsgirl4602 More than 1 year ago
** I RECEIVED THIS BOOK IN EXCHANGE FOR AN HONEST REVIEW ** ok, so i <3 this book!!! the first book of rosanna's that i ever read was the SELKIE, and i fell in love with calan. but let me tell you, holy wow, eryx is AH-MAZING!!!!! this was an amazing story. i loved the world that rosanna created and shared with us. i could literally see every single place and thing she described. love,love,loved it, and can't wait for sweet hell :)
Bookworm305 More than 1 year ago
I don't even think I could do For the Love of a God justice by doing a recap on it. It was just so well done that I will leave it up to the readers of this review to take it upon themselves to read the book. *Go on! What are you waiting for?!? Go get it now*. LOL Greek mythology lovers will appreciate story as it incorporates very common Greek lore and well known gods. But, I will say that I needed an emergency cigarette when my Kindle was at 93% and I don't even smoke! Maia was despondent and Eryx was still missing. I waited with bated breath! I was so close to the ending and it looked like that was going to be where the characters remained. But thankful *takes a cleansing breath* but Rosanna Leo did not let me down with the ending. Eryx returned...different...but no less fervently in love with Maia. In a nutshell: Vivid characters. Amazing characters. Edge of your seat ending. Brilliant author!
MsRomanticReads More than 1 year ago
Sexy, sensual and laced with great humor. I highly recommend it! This book was perfect for me! It had the right amount of well-placed humor in the witty one-liners, as well as some self-deprecating humor on Maia’s part. I have always loved books that tackle Greek mythology in one form or another. Typically the Gods are a selfish, over-indulgent bunch who often resemble children throwing tantrums and fighting over their favorite toys – mortals. They play with humans and their fates and care nothing for the consequences. Enter Eric Lord aka Eryx, God of Love. His guilt and torment over the fate of his last love made him the perfect tortured hero. Meeting Maia changes him. Aside from her ability to make him laugh, she shared his most cherished passion – Greek mythology. Falling for her proves to him that love will not be denied, and that perhaps it was time he took his life back instead of letting Nemesis control him through his worst fears. I loved Maia. She’s your average, geeky young woman. She was neither fat nor thin, though she’d probably disagree with me. She was educated, passionate and a little eccentric. She was quirky, had a great sense of humor and, she had some of the best one-liners or random thoughts in this story. - If the elastic on her Hanes underwear hadn’t been so strong, her panties would have dropped too. or His brows were so knit together, he might have been creating an afghan up there. The story unfolded at a nice pace. Not too fast and not too slow. They didn’t rush into the sex, even if they were both on the verge of combusting from all the sexual tension and the promise that hung in the air after a few stolen kisses. I was waiting and wanting right along with Maia. When it finally happens, the pages go up in smoke and flames. Yes, they were that hot! Knowing there are some readers out there who are very particular about protection, I’m warning you now, there is no mention of it in this story. A story doesn’t have to point out every detail or possibility of birth control. Every reader has a brain and common sense and should use it. It didn’t bother me in the least. I’d like to think that a God is able to switch his fertility on and off as he chooses. I doubt Gods can contract or pass on diseases anyway. It’s fantasy and imagination. But I liked that the seduction moved to sex without the pause to “roll on” something. When the drama reaches its climax, the author didn’t hold back either. She made the most despicable and heart wrenching scenario come to pass. I think I even squeezed out a tear. But fear not, there is a HEA and it was worth everything to get there. This was my first book by Rosanna Leo, but it won’t be my last. If she writes all her females characters with that likeability factor, a blend of geekiness and comedienne, and sexy hot alpha males who need that sort of woman to bring out the best in both of them, then I am a fan for life. I highly recommend this read, and I already have two other books lined up and waiting. Enjoy! Disclaimer: I received a review copy from the author A review in exchange was not promised. Full FTC disclaimer can be found on my blog.
gaele More than 1 year ago
What a clever read that integrates a modern museum curator with a not-so-modern incarnation of a Greek god. The mix of myth and modern day is always an interesting one, full of potential missteps and pitfalls, and loaded with all of the carnal pleasures the gods are prone to sampling. In this book, the heroine Maia is faced with her fantasies come to life, as the god of Love, Eryx, she has crushed on for years appears as the new director of her division at the Toronto museum in the form of Eric. In regards to Maia, while I appreciate and even enjoy a female character who is brainy and sure of herself in professional situations, and less so in the personal side of their life: I do wish that she didn’t feel as if she regressed through the story rather than progressed. When provided with the answers that explain ‘her’ statue winking at her, she seems to retreat away from believing in the impossible, and becomes far more withdrawn and scientific in her dealings with Eric. This does not diminish her overall development as a character, in fact all of the characters are well defined and developed with their own personality quirks and snark levels that add to the humor. And, it wouldn’t be a story about the god of Love and all things sensual and sexual without some heat woven into the mix. And this has that, well defined, beautifully detailed and guaranteed to raise your temperature. This is one author I will most certainly read again, and hope that she has plans for other pairings with the rest of the gods on Olympus. I received an eBook copy from author for purpose of review for The Jeep Diva. I was not compensated for this review, and all conclusions are my own responsibility.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
The Gods have never been more fun! Eryx, son of Aphrodite, is smokin’ hot, fierce and everything I look for in a leading male character. Maia is sweet and unassuming until her man is threatened, then look out! She’s a fury fighting badass! I loved everything about this story. This book as it all. I laughed, my heart ached and rejoiced; I found myself so caught up in the action, I was reading very fast! I thoroughly enjoyed this story. Rosanna Leo takes us on a journey from Toronto to Olympus that I can’t wait to repeat…with Dionysus in Sweet Hell. Bring it on!
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Rosanna has created wonderful characters and nicely tied in with mythology for this fantastic romance. I was hooked from the beginning. It was a mix of Xanudu meets Clash of the Titans. I can't wait to read Sweet Hell next!
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
PaulineAllan More than 1 year ago
Ms. Leo has written a smart, witty, romantic book that makes your heart feel all warm inside. The hero is sexy and insightful. The heroine is funny and beautiful. I enjoyed the way Ms. Leo built up the romance and gave a powerful punch with the steamy, hot scenes. I highly recommend this book for anyone who is into some serious mythology lovin'!