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by Paul Hoblin

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Rhino is one of Bridgewater's best basketball players—except when it comes to making free throws. It's not a big deal, until he begins receiving strange threats. If Rhino can't make his shots at the free throw line, someone will start hurting the people around him. Everyone's a suspect: a college recruiter, Rhino's jealous best friend, and the father Rhino

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Foul 5 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 1 reviews.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Ryan's mother, Patty, had called him "Rhino" ever since he was a little kid. Well, his adoptive mother anyway as his parents had died in a car crash when he was five. Rhino was sixteen, but already was being scouted by basketball recruits. He was "almost seven feet tall and over two hundred fifty pounds of muscle" and hot on the court. He was the man, but not particularly good in the free throw department. Lousy in fact. Rhino's real dad had played for California State and no doubt he would follow in his footsteps. He had so many fans he had resorted to staying in the locker room to avoid them after a game. It was one of those times when he was hanging loose in the locker room when he received this weird call. "I think you need to make your free throws." What the ... honestly, everyone out there thought they were some kind of coach. The guy was just annoying, but Rhino had scored thirty-eight points so a few more didn't matter, or did it? The annoying call suddenly became scary when the man threatened him claiming that people were going to get hurt if he didn't. Sheriff Brady, Rhino's best friend Nate's Dad, simply told him that that was the price he'd have to pay for being a star. The caller was some warped, but he'd just have to put up with it. Everything at Bridgewater High seemed to be going Rhino's way except for those free throws. Even Cindy, one of the cheerleaders seemed to take an interest in him. When they played their archrival, St. Philomena's, Nate was a bit miffed because he'd been overlooked by the school paper. Nate's feelings might have been hurt, but there was one thing that Rhino couldn't overlook. When he opened up his locker after the game a finger came tumbling out onto the floor wrapped in a note. "Free-Throw Shooting Tip: Always hold the ball on your fingertips, not in your palm." It looked like there was evil lurking in the shadows, but whose finger was that and who put it there? If he didn't make those free throws would someone else get hurt? This is another creepy tale of horror at Bridgewater High that will set your teeth on edge. This one of in a series from the "Night Fall" collection. These are short novels that would be of high interest to a reluctant reader or someone who wants a quick read. There are a few twists and turns in this story that bring a lot of drama to the ending. It was fairly easy to figure out whodunit a little past the halfway mark, but the excitement was not knowing where the evil criminal went (or who he would attack next) added to the excitement. The tale, told from Rhino's point of view, sounded like a teen, a viewpoint that made it more interesting. If you like your mysteries a bit on the freaky and a tad on the gory side, this is one you might should consider! This book courtesy of the publisher.