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Foundation Game Design with ActionScript 3.0

Foundation Game Design with ActionScript 3.0

4.0 4
by Rex van der Spuy

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In response to the success of the first edition of Foundation Game Design with Flash, Rex van der Spuy has revised and updated all the code to meet current programming best practices, and the focus is now on accurate ActionScript 3.0, regardless of the IDE that you use.

We’ve all sneaked the odd five minutes here or there playing

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Foundation Game Design with ActionScript 3. 0 3.7 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 3 reviews.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Please make it more interedting. We could figure out the ending from right now
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
((Ello! Remember me, HatchetBlade? No, yes? I haven't written many stories, but I do review.)) <p> Bluestar sat on top of a stone outcropping, looking down on the shy apprentice who was there. "Young apprentice, it's time that you recieve your prophecy," she said with a voice like cool honey. "Thunder and wind will become one. The apprentice of leaf, and feather of crow. Hearts will join together, love united. But before that love is allowed, the feather and leaf will have been soaked in blood. Bloodshed will soon rule the Clans." Then, Bluestar faded away. <p> Leafpaw's eyes flew open. "Cinderpelt, I recieved a prophecy!" Cinderpelt lifted her head. "You did? Summarize it." <br> "I think it means that an apprentice from ThunderClan will fall in love with a warrior from WindClan. Then she said that they will have been killed, and war will be our only hope." <p> Cinderpelt's eyes grew wide. "Did Bluestar say anything about which apprentice and which warrior?" <br> "She said that it would be the apprentice of leaf and feather of crow." <br> "Oh, no, Leafpaw, she means you! I will go tell Firestar." With a flick of her tail, the dark grey shecat limped away. <p> Leafpaw started to sob. Her destiny was to be medicine cat, but she and Crowfeather would be killed. Hopefully her kits would not fare this way and be accepted into a Clan. <p> But a lonely litter of kits whose parents had disregarded the Warrior Code for the sake of their own love? <br> Leafpaw hoped so.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
I got the sample.