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4.4 25
by Mindi Scott

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How do you come back from the point of no return?

Seth McCoy was the last person to see his best friend, Isaac, alive, and the first to find him dead. It was just another night, just another party, just another time when Isaac drank too much and passed out on the lawn. Only this time, Isaac didn't wake up.

Convinced that his own actions led to his friend's

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Freefall 4.5 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 24 reviews.
CrazyKatie More than 1 year ago
I just heard about Freefall last week through a Waiting on Wednesday post and immediately fell in love with the story. I set high expectations for this book and fortunately was not disappointed. Freefall was absolutely amazing and is definitely one of my favorite books of all time. I loved being in the main character, Seth's, head. He's a typical teenage guy who recently lost his friend and is trying to find his way. Seth is on edge and trying to find his way and it's just incredible being on this journey with him. Mindi Scott did a great job at having Seth overcome obstacles without being at all preachy. All of the characters in Freefall were incredibly detailed and dynamic. Each one brought a something different to the table and complemented each other well. Rosetta was perfect. I loved how she was unique, but completely easy to relate to. She was sweet, smart and independent. Usually I can tell what is about to happen next in a story, but this one kept me guessing. It had tons of twists and turns that kept me on the edge of my seat. There was just enough drama and teenage angst to make this book amazing. One of my favorite parts of Freefall was the ending! It was perfect, it tied up all the loose ends and left me wanting a sequel! Please?! Characters: 5/5 Creativity: 4/5 Voice: 5/5 Impact: 5/5 Overall: 5/5 Cover: 4/5 I really like this cover. The falling broken glass is really pretty, yet simple. I love the tagline on the front: "Sometimes the edge is closer than you think." Amazing Quote: "...Rosetta had pulled off her shoes and the full-on running had begun. Past the lockers. Out the double glass doors. Down the steps. Like we couldn't get away fast enough. I didn't know where we were going. I didn't care where we were going. I can't wait to read Mindi Scott's next book. She's an incredible author that gives all of her characters a unique and witty voice. Everyone should read this coming of age story... it's incredible.
CiciBear26 More than 1 year ago
Freefall was a great book! I originally got it as a 'space' book--a book I read while waiting for a book I really want to read to either come out/get it. But once I started reading Freefall, I realized that I really should have had a different 'spacer book', since this is not a book to pass by! I don't really have complaints, just praise. One thing you should know is that I tend to stay away from guy POV's, since I really can't relate, what with me being a girl and all. But Freefall was easy to relate to! Seth is such a believable character it's uncanny. I couldn't believe how fast pages whizzed by, and not one moment was I stopping to think 'what is he talking about?' since somehow, Mindi Scott managed to make this book both original and interesting. I can't lie and say that I wanted to read it, but once my sister read it and raved about it, I had that thought that we've all had before: I gotta see what all the fuss is about! I liked Rosetta (or, Riley, who she is for like, half the book...) and how she wasn't some stuck-up girl who refused to speak to Seth (or, 'Dick' as he's known to his friends...) just because he has a history. I found the concept, a guy being the last person to see his best friend alive and the first to see him dead, really attention grabbing. Seth's troubling past definitely added to the mystique, and made him a character that I just couldn't wait to find out more about. Actually, all of the characters were enjoyable, a few more than others. Then, the ending. Oh, the ending! How marvelous! I smiled hugely when I read those last pages. I must say though, there were a few things that I felt were left a little hanging, but overall I liked the book, and reccommend it to fans of anything...well, cool.
TruthBeTold004 More than 1 year ago
Freefall is a captivating novel that swept me off my feet from the very first page. This book brought me to tears, gave me strength and reminded me that everyone goes through rough patches. This novel is blatantly honest, Freefall describes the consequences that come from making bad decisions and how it can affect everyone around you for life. It was great that Mindi put two sides in this book as well. Seth, the main character, decides to try to turn his life around, yet, you still see Daniel and his path to further self-destruction. It helps you understand everything that Seth is going through and how difficult it is for him to change even after the loss of Isaac. I really appreciate little details that go into making a book. In Freefall the story is set up with specific times every so often, it kind of reminds me of a diary. I think this always helps readers fall into a story; it's believable when you add specific details. Rosetta was an interesting character to read about. To be honest I expected something completely different from her when I read the synopsis. I almost expected her to be some type of severe cocaine addict but I think what she was suffering from (devastating loss of her parents) was what brought her and Seth so close. They both felt at fault for what had happened and they both wanted so badly to fix things. It made the relationship and romance in this novel more beautiful than passionate. I was also so happy that this isn't another series. Not that I have anything against series but it's always refreshing to read a good novel with a great beginning, and interesting middle and a sweet ending. The way Freefall ended was good for this novel. Nothing was set in stone, it was more like. "Life is good!" Rosetta and Seth both grew into better people and this ending showed the outcome of that. I won't go into detail but it really was a good novel. I remember setting this down and just sighing. This novel was like a breath of fresh air for me. Brilliantly written and heartwarming. I give Freefall 5 stars. This is a new favorite for me and even inspired me to create a new "Favorites" area. Freefall is literally that, a free-fall into an amazing story.
Tiger_Holland More than 1 year ago
After Seth's best friend Isaac dies, Seth has a hard time keeping himself together. He drinks more than he used to, he lets his friend Daniel drag him to a bunch of crazy parties, and he finds that he's basically lost his ability to play music--without Isaac in the band, Seth develops a crushing case of stage fright. Also, he's barely passing his classes in school, and when he meets smart, beautiful Rosetta who hails from the wealthy part of town, he has no idea how to interact with her. Can a guy with this many problems turn his life around? Yes, and it's a joy to watch. Seth is an incredibly sympathetic character. For a guy who's just managing to stay in school, he's very smart and his underprivileged environment (lives in a trailer park, works at a car wash, mom is a bartender) doesn't make him feel sorry for himself. He's also refreshingly self-aware: he makes so many conversational missteps while talking to Rosetta, and he acknowledges in his head that it's all going wrong. His POV is consistent and his emotions are realistic for a teenage guy, because he doesn't talk about his grief, but the one time that the reality of Isaac's death really hits him, he locks himself in the bathroom and cries himself sick. It makes matters worse as he starts to realize that Isaac may not have been as awesome a guy as he had previously thought. Rosetta is amazing, too. She and Seth are in Interpersonal Communications class together and all the class scenes are hilarious and poignant at the same time as they both learn to break away from their fears. Rosetta plays golf at the country club and Seth plays bass in a rockabilly band, but for two people from such vastly different backgrounds and such divergent tastes, they fit together perfectly. Rosetta is wonderfully random in her conversations, like her mind's always working out some kind of puzzle and she can't help but ask those around her for their opinions on the subject. Seth is charmed by her intentional nerdiness, and so am I--it really makes her human and relatable, as does her one big phobia, which Seth helps her fight. I was hesitant to read Freefall because I've read so many books lately where the MC has a recently deceased loved one, and spending an entire book in the POV of someone who's grieving can make the reading process arduous. But when I started the book, what I discovered was anything but a downer. Freefall is exhilarating--I laughed out loud, I was turning the pages like crazy to find what would happen to Seth next, and I enjoyed it from start to finish. This debut is made of win.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
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Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Linsey Sipe More than 1 year ago
I thought there would be some twist and turns, but nothing. I wish there would have been a little more to the story.
Prince_of_Fantasy More than 1 year ago
FREEFALL is a heartwarming, exceptional novel with a vivid taste of real life - the great and the not-so-great. Mindi Scott's prose is contemporary and believable, just like the story she tells in this book is. The characters' depth is fantastic, which is key to FREEFALL because - to me - it is driven by its characters more than anything else. I love how Scott lets the reader know of Seth's slow but evident transformation throughout the book. Instead of just flat-out saying "I felt like I was changing," she makes you dive deep within the words to figure out what's really happening. From the very first page, I was hooked into Seth's head, seeing and feeling things like he did. Once you pick this novel and start free-falling, you won't be disappointed. The title lives up to itself. Trust me.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
A_Good_Addiction More than 1 year ago
Freefall is a brilliant debut and a refreshing read. From the male narrative, the romantic element, and plenty of aspects that will reach a range of readers regardless of age or sex, Freefall is a hit. Scott's writing is natural and smooth, and Seth's voice is one of the most stand out aspects. With several twists-many of which are hard to predict-a beautifully handled ending, and a well developed, bold cast of characters that cover a range of backgrounds, personalities and styles, Freefall is engaging from start to finish. A striking blend of humor, intensity and emotion, Freefall is a beautiful telling of one teen muddling through life and trying to figure things out. Hitting on both light and heavy topics, Freefall holds nothing back when it comes to Seth's life. With fantastic background built into the story and interspersed throughout, a strong narrative, and fantastic writing, this book is a stunning debut. Seth is, by reputation, a jerkwad and a loser. He's going nowhere, and the world might even be better off without him in it. But Seth is trying, and it is this single quality alone that made my heart pour out to him and root for him. He has no one to hold him accountable, no reason to try in school, and it seems like he has no reason to stop drinking all the time and wasting his life away. Yet Seth wants more, and it is from this launching point Freefall pulls the reader quickly into Seth's world. He's smart, but overtaken by untapped potential. He's funny, attractive, and friendly. But he's also someone who runs from his problems, lashes out, drowns himself in his misery, and seems to screw up everything he touches. Seth is flawed in ways he can't even see, and yet Scott has written him in a way that is sympathetic and understandable. When his entire background is taken into account, the road that's led him to where he is makes sense. Even at his worst moments, there is still an endearing element to Seth and I completely empathized with this boy. The changes he makes are astounding, well paced, and perfectly build, making Seth a very three dimensional, raw character. Rosetta is gorgeous and funny, with her own outlook on life. While she may be the driving force that really pushed Seth to try to change his life and figure things out, his own desires and motives where there even before Rosetta walked into his life. With baggage of her own, the two find common ground in surprising ways but that doesn't shield them from still facing pitfalls of their own. The interactions between these two cover an array of settings and outcomes, adding a perfect romantic and dramatic element to the book. Freefall is a mixture of romance, drama and coming of age. There are several intense scenes filled with unadulterated emotion but the underlying messages run deep and strike the reader quickly and strongly. Despite these scenes, the majority of the book really is humorous. Much of this comes from Seth. Scott has nailed the male narrative, bringing Seth to life in fantastic ways. His logic is so simple and logical it's funny. The things he says, the thoughts he has, and the reasons he does things build his personality in a great way. He slips the reader into his mind easily from the start, and through Scott's writing and his narrative, the reader is often left feeling confused and shocked. His emotions are raw and unstoppable, his screw ups huge and frustrating, and his comebacks gratifying.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
ACasualReader More than 1 year ago
This book was recommended to me by a fellow blogger after asking what are some books I HAVE to read that came out in 2010. Freefall by Mindi Scott was on the list. I've seen the cover countless times and the synopsis sounded amazing but I just never got around to reading it. So after the recommendation, I picked it up. WOW is about I can think to say about this book. For me, it really blew me away. I have never read from a male point of view and it been so clear. It felt like I was living in Seth's brain thinking EVERY possible though a young teenage boy would have. I was amazed that Mindi pulled this off so effortlessly. As you're reading this you see how messed up Seth is; his partying, drinking, drugs, not caring ways are horrible but as bad as it is you understand why he's this way. You cheer for him throughout the whole book willing him to turn his life around and make the right choices even when his friends continue to do these things, constantly nagging him to join them. I wanted to yell at them and tell them to leave him alone, let him make his own decisions! Of course they never listened to my yelling. There seems to be only one person who Seth considers listening to, Rosetta. She's completely opposite from Seth but alike in so many ways. You see their relationship grow and cheer for them to be together because they need each other more than they realize. She has her secrets and he has his and together they are able to trust and confide in each other. They work on helping each other with their phobias. I could completely sympathize with Seth's stage fright phobia. I am terrified myself of speaking in groups of people. I have my own way to deal with it, though I must confess, I would not deal with it in the way Seth does. I also don't play in a band with tons of people looking on. So I can completely understand his method of zoning out and not having to deal with it while he was on stage. Rosetta's phobia sounds a little silly but when you find out what caused her phobia its truly heartbreaking. This book is raw and real in every aspect. It deals with real issues that face teenagers everyday. Mindi didn't shy away from any of it for the sake of toning it down. You might not like what the character is doing or how they are acting but its a eye opener to know that people go through this. She laid it all out there for you to experience : despair, desperation, self destruction, learning to cope, breaking out of your own comfort zones; learning to trust and want to change for yourself and be a better person for those you care about that makes this book so powerful. This was such a fantastic read and I HIGHLY recommend it to you. I hope that everyone will read this book. I look forward to reading more from Mindi Scott in the future.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Complete disclosure at the end. Otherwise, good.
Aik More than 1 year ago
Hmm... What should I say about Freefall? I can't say I don't like it, but I can't say I love it either. I guess I have mixed feelings about this book. Let's get to the good things first. Freefall is a portrayal of the modern teenage world - a world filled with wild, recalcitrant [1], obstreperous [2] teens. Most of them love partying, drinking alcohol and do drugs. Though this is clearly a negative interpretation, it also sends a strong message to people about how awful the situation of teenage misbehaviours is. Mindi Scott's writing is undeniably good. She uses her words to effectively craft a realistic fictitious world which encourages the reader to plunge into it. Seth McCoy is a typical sixteen year old boy - he drinks booze and enjoys himself in parties. But the difference between him and his peers are: 1) he doesn't do drugs; 2) he is drowning himself in guilt. Seth blames himself for his friend's accidental death and feels culpable [3] for it. But he soon meets a lovely girl called Rosetta and discovers that he is not the only one with problems. Well, this sounds great, right? Except that's one of the main things that I'm a little disappointed in. While it has the potential to be a great story, it seems to be going nowhere - there is not a main plot but only a few subplots. And there's no climax in the story - the ending seems to be quite anti-climatic. I kept hoping to discover a great secret or two - but the secrets (both Seth's and Rosetta's) are lacking of the "shocking" factor. The characters that I like are Rosetta and Kendall. Rosetta seems to be a pretty troubled girl because of her secrets, but she is likable. Kendall is a gutsy girl whom I learned to understand although I kind of despised her at first. I'm happy that Seth is willing to stand up for Kendall at the end even though Kendall accidentally spilled Rosetta's secrets. Freefall will appeal to those who are looking for books with some inner depth and emotion. If you like reading If I Stay (If I Stay, #1) by Gayle Forman, you'll most likely enjoy this book.
AishahQ More than 1 year ago
I have heard that Freefall is a very nice book. So I'm def reading it.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
I loved this book. It was engaging and had me wanting to read more. Great for teens and adults alike!! Keep them coming Mindi Scott!!
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Anonymous More than 1 year ago